Upside Down Pizza

I saw this idea in a magazine somewhere and decided to try it at home.  The whole family liked the result, so I’m making it into a “How-to” recipe.  FYI: I used a cast-iron frying pan to make this, if you don’t have one you need to make sure you use a pan that is ok for oven use.  Enjoy!


(the specific ingredients used in the pics are listed in () )

Pizza dough (Pillsbury’s refrigerated kind)

Pizza sauce (Tomato and basil pasta sauce)

Cheese, grated (mozzarella and cheddar)

Toppings (chopped olives, onion, pepperoni, garlic)

Pizza ingredientsDirections:

Prep the toppings.  I like freezing quartered onions to use when needed, so I grated one quarter of a frozen onion for this.  Grating also makes the onions less obtrusive.  frozen grated onion in saucepan

I chopped the olives and quartered the pepperoni slices.  Shred the cheese now too. (side note: the last time I made this I shredded some green peppers into it and that turned out well; I’ve also used sliced sausage instead of pepperoni for great taste!).

Sautee the onions, olives and pepperoni lightly in the cast-iron fry pan.  Sauteed toppings

Add pizza sauce and crushed garlic.  When it looks about ready, sprinkle the cheese evenly over the sauce.

Cover it all with the pizza dough.  I sprinkled cheese on the top for more fun.

Bake at 400-425F for 10-14 minutes, taking out when the crust is golden.baked

Let sit a few minutes.  Slice into pie shapes.  When serving, invert onto the plate:

It doesn’t look exactly like normal pizza, but that’s because it’s “Upside Down Pizza!”  Tastes great!

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