How to Repair the Comfort Control Module (CCM) for the Volkswagen Passat

Wait! My Windows Won’t Go Down!

This was our experience after buying a 1998 VW Passat, cheap. After doing some research we realized that the wires in the Comfort Control Module might be corroded, leading to electrical problems. Our windows didn’t work and neither did some interior lights or the power locks, but our sunroof and other interior lights worked just fine.

(ps – we have provided this to help other hapless VW owners. We are NOT mechanics, and while you are welcome to post questions on the comment section, we won’t be answering them…if you know the answer to someone else’s question, though, feel free to help them out by responding!)

Whoever decided to put a major electrical module under the feet of the driver where water might (will!) get to it…well, they weren’t walking on the bright side of the road that day. And VW not changing it in the 7 years they made this model of Passat?! Thus you have a very common problem. There are good how-tos online that explain cleaning the drain holes out that could be causing water to hit the CCM, so if you do find corrosion make sure to clean the holes as well.

There is another website that has a “how to” for this issue with photos on headfuzz. When we tried to find this website before it was down, so that’s why we decided to take lots of photos when we repaired our Passat. After reading this and seeing how doable the repair is, I hope you might be encouraged to fix your own lovable lemon!

What you need

These are the things you might need for your CCM repair: pliers, screwdriver, electrical tape, butt connectors and a sharp knife.

Getting Started

The first thing to do is take the plastic footguard off with your screwdriver.  This is the place your left foot usually rests.

Next you need to pop off the long plastic piece that goes between the metal frame and the footwell fabric.  Lifting the fabric up you will see a bundle of wires attached to a black box. The fabric may be a little hard to lift but it’s doable. To make it easier to pull up you can flip off the clips that hold it down.  Reaching in, grab the black box out and place it on top of the fabric.

Open the box

The snaps may be tight on yours, we had to use the screwdriver to pop ours open.  Once you’ve gotten the box open, take a close look at the wires.

As you can see, once unwrapped there was clearly a problem with the black wires. This is actually one black wire that is connected to four other wires.

If you don’t see any problems at all with your wires then you have two options.  One:  disconnect the wires (harness) from the computer box and check each one with a multimeter.  Two:  open the computer box (printed circuit board or PCB) and look at it to see if it is corroded or burnt out.  If it is, then you’ll probably need to replace the board itself.

Take the corroded wire ends and using your sharp blade, cut around the wire about a 1/2″ away from the end. Peel the 1/2″ of plastic off. You should now have clean wires at the tip, if they are not clean you can use a little reflux to take off the corrosion. Make sure all wire ends on the affected circuit have visible metal ends.

Take a connector butt and put it on one side of the circuit.

In this picture, all four black wires are in the connector already.  Place the other wire end into the connector.  Hold it together carefully and get the pliers.  Place the pliers on the middle of the connector. 

Squeeze tightly on the pliers; what you are doing in essence is binding the wires on each side together in a metal envelope that is covered in plastic.

When you are done squeezing, the connector should look like this. The wires on either end should be firmly connected.  If wires do come out, then you have to do it over again (with a new connector or with the same one after you’ve unbent the metal inside).

Now you can put the keys in the ignition and try using what wasn’t working before. For us, it was the windows. They work! Yay!

Make sure you inspect all of the wires in the CCM and repair any that need it. If the wires are not badly damaged, a little electrical tape around the connection may be all that’s necessary.

Once you’ve repaired all the wires, close the box and replace it under the footwell fabric. Close up the gap between the frame and fabric with the plastic cover again and replace the footguard. There! You’re done!

As you can see, although this is an electrical repair, it is easily within the grasp of anyone.  Don’t be afraid to try!  You’ll feel like you have a new car!





And just for fun, a VW coffee cup! 😉

Volkswagen – Blue Ceramic Shaped Coffee Mug

201 Responses to How to Repair the Comfort Control Module (CCM) for the Volkswagen Passat

  1. Martin says:

    THANK YOU!!!

    Now the internal lights work, the fuel tank opener works!!
    Thank you 🙂

    • Peter Loo says:

      Hi Martin

      I have fixed my windows playing up by sorting out some corroding wires leading to my CCM box. But I still can’t fix my interior lights. Do you remember whether your interior lights were a like 6 cables soldered to one cable before going into one of the 2 big connectors to the CCM? Many thanks Peter

      • Tom ERik says:

        interior lights is a red wire with a black stripe,, it splits out to 5 wires i belive, and is in the bundle under the door.

      • Adnan ali says:

        Hi Peter,

        I have changed all the 4 doors for my Golf GT Tdi Mk4, central locking and interior lights works but all 4 windows doesn’t work. My Mecanic told me change the Control Unit (CCM) I bought it 2 hand for £50 but still it’s not working. Can you please advice something ?

        Many thanks

      • Rolf Jacobsen says:


        I got poor electrical “feeling”

        Need a comfort module (used?) for my 1997 18.8 bensin
        Anyone that casn help

    • judy says:

      I have a 2001 Audi a6 had the same problem water flooding car… I did like you said and took the ccm out was corroded got it all cleaned up and dried but one of the connectors plugs two wires were loose and I don’t know where they go windows still won’t go up or over head LJ

  2. Jimbob says:

    I jus hope mine works my car don’t start

    • Jake Johnson says:

      I have a similar problem with a 2004 TDI. Water came into the driver’s and passenger’s side floorboard. Now I have a problem with the transmission showing all gear positions lighted up. When this happens the car will not start. I believe this may be fixed by the TCM (transmission control module) under the carpet on the passenger side.
      The AC does not work now either. Perhaps it is due to a wet or corroded CCM (Comfort Control Module) under driver’s side carpet. I will give both of them a look.

      • says:

        Good Day All VW enthusiast… here’s to the Love / Hate relationships.

        Nathan and Kathy… Awesome post here!

        You were ABSOLUTELY spot on with your diagnosis and cure.

        I had replaced the infamous FUSE 14 and test light indicated solid life. Once again.. no Windows, no inside lamps, no fuel door, … blah blah blah.. no crank, BUT I had dash lights.

        Once I found two red (*one larger than the other) to a single lead from the CCM (Confort Control Module) corroded… I mean CORROHDEAD connection – repaired as instructed and my machine has come to life.

        To the unexperienced… inspect EVERY wire connection. Remove the shitty black german covering …Every wire…

        Kind Regards,


  3. nathankathy says:

    @Jimbob: Although I am not sure of exactly every wire that goes through the CCM, I’m guessing you may have a more serious problem than a faulty CCM. By all means, open ‘er up and take a look, but don’t be too surprised if it still doesn’t start after fixing any CCM issues – car ignition relies on many different systems, and you will have to simply go down the list til you find the issue (battery, alternator, ignition switch, etc). Best of luck!

  4. Robert says:

    I’m going to try this out this weekend. The previous owner had the car and all of a sudden one day it wouldn’t start. He replaced a fuse and got it to start but the fob, power locks, power mirrors, and dome lights, all do not work. So I’m going to try this and hopefully it does the trick. On my Passat the CCM is located on the passenger side. Wish me luck.

    • Erick says:

      I’m in the exact same situation with my 2001 jetta. First, it was the fuse, then the locks, windows, and dome lights. I’ve got my fingers crossed…good luck!

  5. Jerremy says:

    Thanks for sharing! I got 2002 vw passat 1.8T my CCM is broken and has to be replaced. Can I buy any CCM for my vw passat or the part number or any serial number has to be the same as my old CCM’s number? Do I have to programm it after when I will replace it?

    • ManueL says:

      did you find something cuz i have the same problem with mine i buy one SH but dosen`t work at all ! no lights no windows no central looking and the gay told that i need to programm it … or something like this what to you know wabout that ?

      • nathankathy says:

        Manuel, if you bought a Passat, then I would suggest you open up the CCM and check out the electrical components. I do not know what the guy would have been talking about in programming anything (the CCM is not programmed), unless he was referring to the radio, which (if the battery has died) will need a code inputted to unlock it.

      • Dan says:

        The key fob will need reprogrammed if you change you ccm.. It is the alarm brain.

  6. john says:

    thanks for your help it was just great—–! about four splices in wiring going to control unit under left front seat, all required reconecting as they were separated by corrosion not easy to spot as they are taped up, they have to be uncovered to reveal the faults, just as you indicated, when fixed all systems were go, except rear left hand door which had three broken wires due to door being opened and closed a million times

  7. Jhon says:

    I have read that the gasket where the pollen filter seats wears out. I have a huge leak and I suspect it is from there. The odd thing is that the pollen filter is on the opposite side of the driver’s…My CCM is COMPLETELY shot. 5 gallons of water pulled from the drivers side with a shop vac. The plugs to the CCM are shot too. The car wont start. The plugs to the CCM and the CCM need replacing. Need to find where to get one second hand.

    • Jake Johnson says:

      Look under the carpet on the passenger side. The Transmission Control Module is there. It can illuminate all gear positions on the transmission and cause the car not to start,.. even TDI.

  8. Greg says:

    This is very helpful, as I have found many corroded splices down there since I first looked at your page. However I’m trouble locating the wire that goes to the windows. Was it solid black or did it have a different color tracer? Also, did it run to the blue connector or the tan one.
    Thank you,

  9. nathankathy says:

    Hi Greg,
    It was a couple of years ago, but my memory says that the wire was black only. Greg, the only wire we ended up repairing was the windows one, so all the pics above are of the windows wires. I hope that helps!

  10. Greg says:

    I got in there the day before yesterday and fixed another 4 or so splices, now everything works again! Thank you.

  11. Clint says:

    your tip worked wonders for several electrical problems. Unfortunately upon reassemble the fuel pump is not pumping. Is there anything that will need to be reset?

    • nathankathy says:

      Hi Clint,
      I am so not a mechanic, so I asked my brother your question (who, btw, is). Ok, choice #1: the fuel pump just chose a lousy time to crap out. Is this it? Well, try out the other choice fixes but you may land here at the end of the day and just have to buy a new one. Choice #2: something got screwy with the wires when you fixed your other probs. Check the grounding on your wires. Choice #3: what year is your Passat? Because later models (than our ’98) have an immobilizer; bro theorizes that if your immobilizer got reset it might have messed up your pump (I’m not quoting verbatim, so excuse me if that doesn’t make sense)…um…don’t know how to fix that if it is your prob. Quick crazy check: bang on the gas tank. Try to start the car. If it starts, then doesn’t start again after being turned off, it’s the pump itself. If it starts again after another whack, definitely replace the pump.
      I hope all this helps, it’s the best I can do. Blessings!

  12. Syllamo says:

    Thanks for this great How-To.

    This got me through me repair and now it is like a new car.

  13. thank you for all your advice. My car is flooded with water and pulled out my box and it was drenched. Letting everything dry out, but am sure I have to buy a new CCM. Everyone talks about a used one. What are the prices of a new one and how do I prevent my car from getting water in the inside. Can I cover the box up with a plastic bag to prevent this in the future.

    • nathankathy says:

      Hi there,
      Make sure you don’t try using it before it’s dry; it may actually work after all and you won’t have to buy a new one. I don’t know the pricing on these, sorry. I would suggest checking your drainage holes to make sure they’re not plugged, as they are often the culprit for CCM damage. On the plastic bag idea – sure, why not? But checking the drainage holes will be a more direct solve. 😀

  14. damiano says:

    salve a me non funzionano più le chiusure centralinizzate ma tutto il resto si i telecomandi sono perfetti come posso risolvere?

  15. damiano says:

    salve a me non funzionano più le chiusure centralinizzate della mia passat del 2002 i telecomandi fuzionano i vetri anche e anche le luci come posso risolvere?

    • nathankathy says:

      Scusate se questo è difficile da capire, ma ho dovuto usare il traduttore di Google. Io non sono sicuro di come risolvere il problema. Provare a riparare i cavi che sono rotte, come descritto qui. Se ancora non funziona penso che dovrà portarlo ad un meccanico. Spero che questo aiuta!

  16. Don B says:

    My A/C quit working, presures ok, compressor ok when jumped with voltage clutch engages, plug at compressor seems dead what should or could I check next, does the comfort control module control this ????
    Thanks Don B

    • nathankathy says:

      Hi Don, I don’t think the CCM controls anything to do with the AC. But, I am not a mechanic, just related to several. On the other hand, we had a very similar problem with our AC in our 02 Safari van that cleared up once the system was vacuumed out and refilled. I would suggest you get somebody who knows what they are doing to take a look. Best wishes!

  17. gerardo says:

    I your bog is very helpful thanks!!do you by. Chance know whew I can find the ccm in a 98 beetle?is it in the same spot?

  18. Christina says:

    thanks for all this information! iam taking my passat apart to dry my ccm and carpet! live in colorado and we have had alot of rain and have been with 2 plus inches at least 4 times in two months. my dash light stoopeed working, everything else works except i have never had dome lilghts since i bought this 2001 3 years ago iam hoping this fixes all my interior lighting problems. one question? my carpet really doesnt want to let me get the box out, do i just pull it out and hope i get it back in correctly? and do i need to take the left foor rest ( the plastic piece) off first?

    • nathankathy says:

      Hi Christina, sorry about the wait. Have you tried releasing the carpet hook? I don’t have a pic of that, but I think that the headfuzz article does. You do need to take off the foot rest first. Have fun!

  19. NNick says:

    my CCM is in water, if buy another ccm does it work in my car?

    • nathankathy says:

      Hi Nick,
      Well, if your CCM is or has been completely submerged, I would guess it would need to be replaced. First dry it out and make sure though. Next, all your wires will probably need to be replaced, so if I were you I would look to replace the whole unit. You will have to check with the dealer or someone who knows more about which CCM will work in your car, I don’t know enough to answer that. Best wishes!

      • Mat Gilliam says:

        I had the problem with my 2001 Passat. Water soaked the CCM. A used one won’t work. The dealer needs to order one specific to your VIN No., then program it. Unfortunately very expensive–cost me about $1000, and I took the car apart myself. Had to get car towed because it wouldn’t start. Caused by plugged sunroof drain. Lesson, check your drains regularly. Dumb design to put electronics in lowest part of car–where is water going to collect?

  20. Alex says:

    Thanks for the article – I have the same problem and will give it a go this weekend. You refer to the
    location of the CCM as in the driver foot well – presumably this is the left hand foot well in the USA.
    I am in the UK – the article in refers to the passenger foot well – so I take it the left
    side. I will explore the passenger foot well first in my right hand drive UK car.
    Thanks again Alex

    • nathankathy says:

      Hi Alex! I would be interested to see which side you find the CCM in! Can you reply to this with the results of your fix? Thanks, Katherine

  21. Mike says:

    Oct 2011 – Skoda Superb 2.8 Petrol 2002 UK model.

    The CCM is always found under the left front carpet – i.e. Driver side if Left Hand Drive model (USA etc), or Passenger side if Right Hand Drive model (UK etc). The problem is caused by water leaking in from a broken seal underneath the black plastic housing of the pollen filter. Water soaks into sound proofing sponge and dripps onto a main wiring loom where it tracks along the wires into the CCM unit and eventually fills the front and rear footwells.

    Therefore, sealing the CCM in a plastic bag will NOT fix the problem as water will eventually find it’s way back in again using capillary action along the wiring loom.

    To fix the pollen filter seal sounds like a lot of work but is actually quite easy. The only out of the ordinary tool you’ll need is a spline key (sometimes called a star key) It looks a bit like an alan key and just as cheap to buy.

    The pollen filter is located under the bonnet (hood) on the same side of the car as the CCM. It’s just under the windscreen beside the battery.

    Ok, from this point all references to left and right are used as if you are standing in front of the car looking into the engine bay.

    Remove rubber seal running right accross the engine bay that holds the large black plastic cover at the rear of the engine bay (this just clips on so simply pull it towards you gently).
    Remove large black plastic cover to expose battery and pollen filter etc.
    Remove small black plastic rain deflector near top right hand corner of engine bay using spline or star key (only one bolt holding this on).
    Remove small black plastic caps on windscreen wipers (lever them off with a small flatblade screwdriver).
    Remove both wiper arms by undoing nuts and gently levering up with large flatblade screwdriver.
    Remove the two clips holding the black plastic moulding attached to the bottom of the windscreen (one is approx’ in the centre and the other is on the left.
    Starting at one end, carefully ease the black plasting moulding away from the windscreen (pops out in the same way that the two seals on either side of the windsceen – but you dont need to remove these). You may need to use a wide blade such as a wallpaper scraper or similar to start with, then it should just pop off).
    Remove three nuts holding the black pollen filter housing.
    Remove pollen filter housing to reveal rubber seal underneath (it’s the outer seal not the sponge inner seal).

    At this point you can buy a new seal but it comes complete with the black plastic housing as an assembly at a cost of approx’ 15 UK pounds sterling from a main dealer.


    You can remove the seal and replave it with some silcon mastic sealant (the type that you’d use to seal the bath) and leave it overnight to set. Be sure to clean and dry all surfaces before resealing.

    Next, reassemble everything in reverse order and that’s the leak fixed!

    Obviously, you’ll need to thoroughly dry and clean out the CCM, carpets etc as described in other blogs above, but if you need a new CCM it’ll cost approx’ 250 UK pounds sterling and if it needs programming that’ll be about another 50 UK pounds sterling from a main dealer. Therefore, it’ll be worth searching the web to see if anyone does a cheaper repair/replacement CCM.

    Hope this helps, Regards, Mike H

  22. dave newman says:

    have a 01 passat glx 4motion. None of the steering wheel controls work.Cruise,volume and horn.All the fuses are good. The air bag light is not on also the controls don’t light up.Could this be related to the CCM or the wiring leading to it.

  23. Jim Carroll says:

    1998 Volkswagon Beetle 2.0 Liter engine light is on it doesn’t communicate with OBD scan tool for DTCs. Has an after market radio we removed it, unhooked the battery for 15 min. and still can’t communicate with it. Has anyone had this problem? Thank you.

    • Abimael Arredondo says:

      I have a 99 Passat. OBD scan tool will not communicate with computer while you have an aftermarket radio. I had to put my stock radio back in to be able to complete a scan. Sucks

  24. Brenda says:

    My daughter just bought a 2001 Passat. It ran good for 2 months. She drove it to a meeting and when she came back out the car would not start. It has a new battery and they horn does not blow, no lights, no nothing. I am stumped, could this be the CCM or something else. It is like someone pulled a kill switch. I appreciate your help.

    • Jacob says:

      This just happened with a 2001 Passat I just bought. . .Did you find the solution? I would be super grateful to know what went wrong or what fixed the problem. . .
      Thank you! Jacob

  25. christopher says:

    my 1998 passat 1.8l 20 v turbo switches air con on when car starts. Any solutions

  26. sheny says:

    I know you are talking about a Passat but I have a problem with a Jetta 2000. my dashboard lights do not work and then one of my tail lights is not working and the diagnostic was that my comfort control unit is bad. where can I find it in my jetta plus how do I repair and if I replace it does it needs to be programmed?

  27. kelly says:

    Thank you SO much for this advice. Interior lights,windows,and starter would not work. We found some corroted wires and it was such an easy fix.

    • tracey says:

      do you know which wires were for the starter? am having this problem now, when i pulled my wires out, most had been fixed before, and they are almost all needing put back together, But I really want to get the car to start, before I work on all the wires.

  28. Robin Gersbeck says:

    Thanks Guys, Am keen to try this tonight and will let you know the outcome. Just for the record, I checked with 2 X VW dealers (their spare parts depts) and was quoted $400+ to replace the module (new only available) plus fitting, so your solution certainly has appeal !
    I will let you know how I go.
    Best regards,
    Rob Gersbeck

  29. john vitale says:

    i replaced the battery ,coil ,new wires,spark plugs now the dash light flicker and the exterior light flicker but car runs fine if i leave car sitting for a week all dead and need a recharge .i just installed a new alternator but still same problem and ideas hat it could be

    • nathankathy says:

      Hi John, we have the same problem with our car dying after a week of no driving. Our car does it because the computer doesn’t turn off while the car is off. It sounds like you have something still running while the car is off. It might be the computer not going into standby, which you can tell easily if you can see the digital display while the car is off; if this is the case you can replace the computer. We just bought a battery charger. Hope this helps!

  30. dene says:

    Hello.Seems that this Passat CCM problem is world wide. Have the same problem with the rubber nipple drain under the battery housing, clogging with dust,leaves etc and flooding the interior compartment. VW Australia are about as helpful as boobs on a bull with information to fix.Just want the car in their workshops. Thanks for your detailed description on how to attempt to fix this Nathan..Siliconing a inch hose into that nipple drain keeping it open has helped me to drain the battery well. Also a flexible plunger under the battery to clean bigger obstructions has helped. Kind regards Dene Victoria Australia

  31. dene says:

    Hello again. Have looked for that CCM in the left hand side floor well But cant seen
    m to find IS it under the carpet in front of the Seat bracket??? Raining here now hAve to closse windows, Bye for now Dene

    • nathankathy says:

      Hi Dene, Yes, it is under the carpet. In our pics we just lifted the edge of the carpet up after removing the foot guard and the side plastic thing. Then we stuck our hand in and pulled it out. But you can remove the whole carpet too I think. Give ‘er a try and let us know if it’s still not working. 🙂

      • dene says:

        Hi Nathan. Have remove the ccm and it is in a very poor state of repair. Have chased down a second hand ccm and making inquiries with VW Australia as if i need to get new remote key transponders.All very frustrating/expensive . Now there is another plastic box under the carpet near the transmission Hub/hump.any ideas on the function of this.Haynes manual has no mention of this???The car that i have is a 2.8lt V6 syncro. which i get a lot of driving pleasure with. It’s done 320.000 Klms trouble free except for the electrics.Reminds me of the 1970’s Ducati and Moto Guzzi bikes that i’ve ridden in the past..Fun to ride but not for long.That article from headfuzz is great as well. Oh well better go heat up that soldering iron and do some more discovering. Take care Regards Dene P.S Thanks for the reply

  32. Mark says:

    My daughter’s passat was having issues with windows not working, as well as door locks and fuel door. Uncovered the CCM and found some wires that were corroded and had come apart. Spliced them back together and all works fine. Thank you for you knowledge.

  33. Johnny says:

    Think I am dealing with this issue right now on my girlfriend’s 2202 Passat. Her Climatronic starting blinking and then just stopped working all together. The buttons on the steering wheel don’t work either, and the visor light (that activates when mirror is open) blinks when the driver’s side visor is moved to the down position. She’s also had water in her car after leaving it out in a heavy rain.

    I thought for a moemnt it might be the Homelink Visor issue that shorts out from the visor being moved up and down, but wouldn’t that cause the fuse to blow and thus those components be not working at all. They worked intermittantly for a day before going dead? That leads me to believe it is a wiring or ground issue. Is that a safe bet?

    So am I basically just pulling the Comfort Control Module and looking for bad wiring? Will I have to remove the tape on the wires? Great information here.


  34. Cos says:

    Thanks u guys just saved me a bundle

  35. nabeel khan says:

    hey guys, awesome page ive been having the same issue on my 99 passat initially the central locking became tempremental stopped all together now windows where working but very juttery and now they have stopped working aswell, actually built up the courage to look at something electrical on the car, got it openend and found a damn under the carpet, dried and drained it all out, use the wife hair dryer (she wasnt impressed) to make sure all dry took apart the ccm box dried it put it all back together but nothing, do you think the ccm needs to be changed all together im thinking so. now ive put it all back together the little alarm light on the drivers side has stopped working, and the airbag warning light has come on. ive given up now so my mechanic is going to have a dabble at it, but have to wait a few weeks..

    but thanks for the imagery on the page and the walk through i might have another look next week.

    • nathankathy says:

      I’m kind of amazed anything still works. And yes, I would guess you probably need more repair than a simply electrical line change. Best wishes! 🙂

  36. tony says:

    After hours of trying to repair my car I stumbled across this, within 5 minutes my car is all fixed, interior lights, central locking, electic windows and mirrors, two wires just as you said and from a fellow christian! thank you!

  37. Shirley says:

    What are we checking for with the multimeter?

    • nathankathy says:

      Hi Shirley, the multimeter is useful for checking if an electrical wire is active. We didn’t use one because our problem was obvious once we got the box open, but the multimeter would have been good to check the wires if that hadn’t been the case.

  38. Jose A. Suarez says:

    Good morning.

    I have the situation with my Jetta 2001: have a consumption and the batterry don’t start the car when don’t used daily. I verify the system and all issue do to Confort System Central Control Module. Fuse 14, can help to resolve the issue.


  39. Marguerite says:

    I just torn the 98 passat apart and com is dry and looks like new as do wires. Still have no dome lights and getting it to start is like a fire drill. Any ideas. Clicking noise from relays?? Could it be the ignition relay?? If there is one? #ccm # vw #passat

  40. andy mackadandy. says:

    Thanks man I’ll need to give this a try, I have no internal lights, windows, fob immobiliser doesn’t work I need to use the key, and the blowers or a/c don’t work, the alarm wouldn’t shut off so I had to cut the sounder off. To any Brits or anyone else that is awkward enough to drive right hookers, the CCM is always in the left hand foot well, so that’s passenger side for us, drivers side for almost everyone else. I knew all my electrical woes had to be related, it was too much of a coincidence that they all stopped working together, when it’s very quiet I can hear a wee clicking noise coming from where I now know the CCM box is, the other thing that gave it away was, I could get the blowers to come on sometimes by slamming the passenger door, it was obviously jiggling the wee box, anyhoo can’t wait to try this, as driving in the winter with no blowers to demist the windscreen etc and also not able open the windows to let the steam out is frustrating at best, and down right dangerous at worst.

  41. Paul says:

    Thank you for your Blog! Your information on tracing the wiring in my 1999 Passat Wagon has been a great help! My car wouldn’t start windows,lights,fob,etc not working on several occasions recently leaving me to “bum start” the car.Your info has helped me to trace the problem to 1 little wire! God Bless you and your family on your journey and the work you are doing in the world!

  42. ty ty says:

    thanks for your help all what you said was spot on,super dooper blog.once again thank you

  43. Josiah John says:

    Good day ,please am using a 2006 passat sedan 3.6 (v6engine) ,its has not crank in months and on programming its showing immobilizer active,will start just 3 seconds and goes off please advice me on what to do ,am just so confused and frustrated,your advice would highly be appreciated, thanks in anticipation .

    • nathankathy says:

      Sorry, Josiah, I don’t think that we can help. Maybe someone else reading this can? It sounds like your immobilizer is activated and you probably need a VW mechanic to reset it.

  44. Tuna says:

    Thanks for the info that’s was the problem stripped the side and fixed the wiring loom in several places now working like a charm.

    Thank you again.

  45. Rudy says:

    My 2000 Passat has problems with the interior lights staying on after you lock it upon exiting the car, and after you start it. The interior lights also stay on the whole time you are driving. When you exit the car and lock it, they will eventually time out and go off. Any ideas on this one? Could it be the CCM.

  46. kayla says:

    I have a voltswagon passat 1998 my driverside floor got flooded and nothing worked and my car wouldnt start , ccm looked horrible and so did the wire harness ,so i got a used ccm nd spiced all the wires so there not corroded anymore ,,now my windows wont go down and my car wont start. I realy would love to fix this car, it was perfect, nothing wrong with it till it flooded the front driverside. Any info would help,

  47. Russell (+Otto the car) says:

    Hey, Nathan y Kathy.

    1998 Passat 1.8t. Same problem. Leaky moon roof and clogged engine compartment drain under the battery kept the carpet wet for years. As system after system died, dealers kept saying, “You need a new module (computer).” Refused to pay for that, but did not understand what was happening. Finally, the driver’s window died: no more paying tolls or eating at the drive-thru. Took the car to a new VW dealer in East Orlando (FL) who after one hour brought me into the shop and showed me the rotting wire bundle under the front carpet. “We can’t fix your window, you need a new wiring harness. $3,500.”

    Drove home and a light bulb went on: I have worked on 12 volt boat systems for years, and already had all necessary shop manuals and wiring diagrams for the car. I had seen nothing I could not fix. Tackled the job this past winter… cut away the carpet, took out the seat, disabled the air bags, built eight (8) long shunt around all the damaged areas using distinctive green wire and wire nut couplers. All systems (mirror motors and heaters, door locks, windows, rear window defogger, interior lights, security alarms, key fob remote entry, etc., etc.) restored !!

    Got so good at it, I managed to clean, repair or replace the glove box handle mechanism, AC/heater blower motor, cruise control and the original throttle body — restoring power with a perfect idle. What fun !! Couldn’t do it all without the VW forums on the Internet. Amazing.

    Thought I was the first to do the rewiring. Now I find you did it earlier. Congratulations. Love to meet and compare notes some day… : ]

  48. Russell (+Otto the car) says:

    P.S. The irony is… the wires were rotten, but the adjacent Convenience Control Module (the computer sealed inside the black plastic box on the floor underneath the carpet) was PRISTINE. The box and its seals had held through a decade of intermittent immersion. So… the computer (and the timing programs and other firmware written into it in Bavaria seventeen years ago) are once again running the show. Incredible !!!

  49. jonathan pressburger says:

    can’t help re ccm, but my passat 1995. I’ve had problems with the auto gear position switch/sensor. It’s in PARK, but it doesn’t know it. Moving the gear lever into park again cures it. Symptom, ignition key in and dash red lights come on but no response to turning ignition key. Just a thought. Anyone got info or link with auto transmission problems. I’ve had the “module” replaced as well as i think the auto gear box and now no fifth gear (did it ever have it???) and there’s a faint vibration in the steering and the transmission (????) seems noisy. I’m not mechanically minded but good at electronics. I’m in THAILAND and there’s cultural as well as technical difficulties and short of a main VW dealer in BKK (200 km away) i’m in the hands of a very pleasant friendly competent local guy who is not totally clued up i fear. THANKS.

  50. Alexis says:

    where is the computerbox for the vw polo located?? i cant see it on the front passenger’s seat.. am stuck..

  51. Alexis says:

    so cute.. i love this info……

  52. Edgar says:

    Thank you for this write up. Saved me from buying expensive stuff that I thought were the issue. I would like to add that in my case the bad and corroded wires were not inside the box but outside leading to the box. They were red and black and another color I can’t remember. Anyway, thanks a lot. 🙂

  53. Danno says:

    I know this is a older post but I’m very thankful for it. After all the rain we received over the last weeks I went to start my car this morning with no luck what’s so ever. Also doors, windows, and other things would not function. Looked at fuses and number 14 was blown tried to replace but it was kelp on doing it. Then found this web page removed my carpet and what to my surprise that my ccm was submerged in water. I took it out dried up all the water, dried ccm, and plugged it back up. The only thing I did different is I move the ccm from under the seat. Didn’t want to place it back in a place for it to get wet again. It took some imagination but is doable. Again thanks for posting.

  54. Jo says:

    Greetings from Iowa, USA…I have a 1998 Passat that hasn’t ran in 1.5 yrs. I gave up on it when I found another junker that would actually start every time I turned the key. Now that my other junker is dead, I’m doing my best to figure out what is wrong with the Passat.

    Trouble started shortly after I inherited it from my brother:
    – The windows would come down on their own (usually part-way)
    – The alarm would go off intermittently (I would have to turn the key in the trunk to disengage)
    – The battery would be dead first after a week or so. Then a few days. Then a few hours (I replaced the battery to no avail)
    Now, 1.5 years later, after changing the battery again, putting a little Heat in the gas tank and replacing the tires, it started once and ran for about 10 minutes (idling), then died and hasn’t ran since, which was a few days ago.
    After reading your blog, my boyfriend checked the wires going into the CCM and they appear to be fine. We looked at the CCM board itself and appears to be in good shape. Oddly enough, the light on the door next to the driver’s lock began blinking after we put everything back together, and the alarm appears to be engaging now by turning the key in the trunk. When we try to start it, the alarm goes off and the only way to turn it off is to turn the key in the trunk again (I don’t have a fob).
    The digital readouts on the dash (the mileage and the digital clock) stay on all of the time. I’m assuming something is draining the battery but there may be multiple other issues.

    I’m frustrated and don’t have a lot of $ for repairs. Any other guesses what this may be? I can have it towed somewhere for a diagnostic, but would rather have someone tell me what an idiot I am and to check _____…
    Thanks for any help you can give!


  55. Matt says:

    Good Morning from Maine. I have a 2002 Passat. My driver’s side door lock doesn’t respond to either the key or to the unlock/lock switch on both doors. My interior lights don’t work either and I’ve also been experiencing random trunk latch openings while driving. After some pretty extensive research on this issue I thought the main cause of my problems was the CCM. I attempted this fix this past weekend.
    Door Latch:
    After checking the wires I had noticed that it appear someone else had already attempt a repair. I didn’t however notice any real issues with the wires. I pulled out the circuit board and noticed corrosion on several of the terminals for the pins. I cleaned the terminals and wire harness connectors. While the ccm was removed the back door latch worked using the interior unlock/lock switch and would work once directly after the CCM module had been plugged in. After this it stopped working. I checked the continuity of the harness and the ccm after cleaning and got a good connection. But it still doesn’t work.
    Interior Lights:
    23 Harness Pin #20 I believe Red/black wire. Checked continuity for interior lights fuse 3 & 4. There was a good connection between the fuse panel and the lights. But no continuity from the fuse panel to the wire harness pin number 20. I was unable to locate any break in the wire however. Interior light still don’t work.
    Boot latch:
    23 Harness Pin #2 Brown/yellow wire I believe, cleaned connection points on harness tested continuity good connection. Have not had a problem yet with the boot latch releasing unexpectedly.

    Any ideas for the interior lights and the left side door lock?

    • jonathan pressburger says:

      sounds mechanical to me, if door knob doesn’t work either BUT i’m a fellow owner and not a good mechanic altho i;’m ok with electrical things

  56. Matt says:

    Also thanks so much for this write up! Truly excellent!

  57. jonathan pressburger says:

    sorry, again no useful fixes, BUT with my 95 Passat the boot latch drive ENABLES whenever the key’s inserted in the driver’s door and turned. I thought this was normal but now i suspect not. The lock had to be removed as it wouln’t unlock–but this seems to have been mechanical. I’ve not yet replaced the lock as unnecessary and expensive here in Thailand. The motor still drives whenever key turned in driver’s door lock for some ten seconds or so, As for auto transmission, it’s happier now. A coincidental in time new fault with replacement of gear box and control unit seems to have been with the exhaust or cat converter (? language difficulties). There was loss of power and a lot of heat under the car noticeable when getting out. As it’s also lpg fuelled i was afraid it might blow up ( lol ??), they replaced part of exhaust system and it’s like a new car (almost), also a vibration in steering seems to have been front left wheel bearings. I hope this is useful to someone. Labour costs here CHEAP! TEN US $! to replace whatever in the exhaust system and wheel bearings. Total cost 100 US with parts.

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  59. Omar says:

    My Passat 99 V6 when I try to start the car it has a fuse #10 in the relay of the alarm ant then it burns, before was the only thing that lets starts the car, then I try with a piece of cable but do nothing. Please if somebody knows what can be the problemm please respond. also the CCM is very damage I have to change it.

  60. Claire says:

    HI – I just bought a second hand Passat. The interior lights do not work, nor does the central locking, or the fuel cap. I am based in the UK. Could some one advise which side of the car , in the UK the CCM is located and i will attempt to repair. Thanks

    • it’s always on the left hand side of the car, IE the left hand side if you are sitting in the car facing forward, so on a UK car it the passenger side, a US or any left hand drive, it’s on the drivers side

  61. Ian says:

    Hi there . I’ve just got a passat tdi sport on a Y reg (2001) . The central locking ,interior lights and windows don’t work , I’ve taken up the carpet on the passager side and by the looks of it someone as been playing about with it . The ccm box is missing and the plugs are all corrored and to make things worse the are 4 wires free from the plugs . How would I be able to solve this problem . HELP ! Anybody please

  62. gerald says:

    Hey it might be the dome lights by the sunroof. Pop it out and disconnect the connector.

  63. Marcos says:

    Hello nathan how are you? I have a Passat 99 1.8T needs a new CCM, I have a 2001 also, can I put my CCM from my 2001 on my 1999 Passat? the diference is that the 99 have only one plug, and the 2001 have 2 plugs, but one of them looks like the same.

  64. Geir says:

    Thanks man, this was really great information, everything works fine again. Greetings from norway 🙂

  65. Ian says:

    Hi there . Just bought a passat and the iterior lights don’t work and the boot Alarms to say it’s open on the dash . You have to open the boot with the key to as it does not open with the key fob and now the petrol flap don’t open. If looked at the ccm and cut the bad wires back but the are very bad . They break when you swist them . I’ve joined the but still have the same problem . Can someone HELP !!

  66. Just want to add something to the debate here, I think I have thanked you already for the tut in an earlier comment, but thanks again. In my case I took out the CCM as described and it was perfect, dry as a bone, no sign of any water ingress at all. So for the last 18 months I have just lived with it. Only able to open the windows by using the key, which didn’t always work, no central locking, no heaters, no interior lights etc. Yesterday, what with winter coming and no way to demist the car, I decided to bite the bullet and take it to an auto spark. Wish I had done this years ago, the bill came to £165, which included £120 for a new heater motor, so even if the guy only charged £15 – £20 for fitting it meant that the CCM issue was sorted for just £25 – £30. The heater apparently is nothing to do with the CCM, which I thought it was but the electrician showed me the circuits and indicated that it wasn’t connected to the CCM, but it had been caused by water ingress, the water had stayed in the scuttle in the front and flooded the blower motor, but never made it into the car, the guy even cleared out the clogged water drain and all the crap from the scuttle. The CCM fault was just a wiring thing, and I now have interior lights, central locking, windows and heaters working. Anyhoo if you are in the Glasgow area, Partic Auto Electricians are the ones to go to, don’t try and phone them as they don’t answer the phone, you need to go and see them, which shows how much custom they have, well recommended anyway.

  67. Tom says:

    This flooding of the CCM happened on my Audi A4, (1.9SE) a few weeks ago. I dried everything out and fortunately the module worked with only one residual fault – the trip mileage display on the instrument panel showed ‘Def’ instead of the mileage.
    Two weeks ago the passenger footwell flooded again!! Thinking that the drain plugs under the bonnet were blocked I removed the battery and found a lot of corrosion caused by battery acid, (There is a breather pipe connected to the battery by a small rubber pipe and this had fallen off allowing acid to leak out behind and under the battery).
    One of the corrosion points was about 2″ in diameter through the bulkhead close to the point where the aircon pipes pass through. This hole was letting water pour into the cabin directly behind the glove box and of course this all ended up in the footwell where the CCM lives.

    I repaired the holes with fibreglass and tested it with a hose for several minutes – dry as a bone.
    After this second flood the CCM didn’t come back to life and I had to get a replacement, £100 from Ebay, (£340 from Audi). Everything worked except for the remote locking.
    To reprogram the remote I inserted the key into the ignition switch and turned it to ‘ON’, (don’t start the engine). Then I inserted another key into the driver’s door and locked it and unlocked it manually
    This programmed the key and everything appears to be working as before.

  68. sal says:

    what controls the climate control panel in jetta vw 2005 …i have no fan for heat and a/c but climate knobs do work temp up and down also no vent selection buttons work but heated seat function does work fine also no led lights on climate control unit work ……hhhheeeellllpppp

  69. sal says:

    hi again does the ccm control radio-climate control-wipers-trunk switch etc?

  70. sal says:

    thank you hope hear back soon

  71. if it’s the same as mine the blower isn’t controlled by the CCM, but has been damaged by water in the scuttle at the front of the car.

  72. namegi says:

    Good job dude .. I found my ccm but it’s clear .. Wiers also but 2 much whater I have no idea what can I do next 😦

    Thank u again

  73. justracing says:

    I’m in the uk and have a 2001 Passat estate with a fuel flap that opens intermittently. At the moment I have wrapped a bit of tape on the fuel flap to stop it closing altogether and over the weekend I cleared the drains under the battery holder and the brake servo together with renewing the pollen housing seal, all of which are major areas of water ingress.
    I have pulled out the ccm box from under the carpet on the passenger side expecting to find water/dampness and corroded wires but oddly enough the unit seems as dry as a bone. I have not had a chance yet to establish continuity of the various connections but does anyone know which wires(colour) are related to the fuel flap release?
    I should add that 3 years ago I had a flood in the rear drivers side rear footwell which I dried out after clearing the drains at the front but the only ensuing electrical problem following this was the tailgate which locks itself without warning. I lived with that one for a long time but the fuel flap issue demands some more positive action.

  74. Arthur Nhari says:

    i have a 2002 vw polo, where do i find the CCM. My driver side window controllers dont work but all windows work individually. all my power mirrors wont work.

  75. Arthur says:

    I have an issue with my lights and indicators on my vw caddy mk1. There is a control unit that they say is responsible for that. I do not know the name of that control unit hence I find it very difficult to find the particular part. I would be grateful is someone could help me out with the name of the part. I am really desperate and have been searching the Internet frantically for the part but I always draw a blank because there are thousands of control units that I come across but not the one that controls lights and indicators. Please help, I am desperate. I only need the name of the part.

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  77. Karolis says:

    Hello. My wires was disconnected when i open sill. Can anyone help me? From back: 4 wires red/black; 2 wires red/blue, 1 wire blue/electric-blue.
    From front (from fuses box side): 2 wires red/black, 2 wires red/blue (1 of them more thick +12v); 2 wires blue/electric-blue. From the comfort control box: 1 wire red/black, 1 wire blue/electric blue.
    Please help me to join it correct.

  78. Annie says:

    Just changed my sons CCM and windows now work and car starts but has no power. (like running on less cylinders) would wrong ccm wiring affect this or just coincidence?

  79. David says:

    I have a vw estate sport 01 the10amp fuse for the air con steering controls and heated seats keeps blowing have looked at the black box although wet around it is bone dry inside no corrosion
    Any ideas

  80. Jake says:


    The alarm on my 2003 passat keeps going off. Can anyone tell me if the CCM is the likely cause, does it control the alarm.



  81. Jake says:


    Fixed it. I lifted the carpet and the footwell was slightly damp, but cables and CCM were all in perfect condition. I took the boot liner off and put some WD40 on the spring that controls the boot lock and locked / unlocked a few times. I now get flashing indicators when I lock the doors with the key fob, they have not done that for ages. Also, no faulty alarm going off.

    If your alarm keeps going off, check your door catches, specially if you indicator lights don’t flash when you lock the doors.

  82. Robert711 says:

    HI, I have just figured an easier way to recode a key with only 1 key. you dont need to take the door card off. I have a 1998 1.9 tdi Passat and have just done it. all you need to do is release the key barrel by undoing the T20 torx screw under the small plastic cap on the side of the door, pull handle out slightly and just pull where the key goes and it will just come out. then wind down window and put key to be coded in the ignition and turn on without starting, then use a flat head screwdriver and put it in where the lock should be and just turn as if it was the key and hold for 15 seconds, then press the buttons on the remote. This worked for me so hope it can help other as it was bugging me for a couple of months.

  83. Mark says:

    With out doubt the most helpfull info iv ever seen great post!!!!!

  84. jamie says:

    Hi, can anyone help me with my 1.8 vw passat estate? My central locking, windows and interior lights aint working

  85. Maddy says:

    We have found where the several black wires connect into one black wire but we are not sure where that one black wire inserts as that wire was completely corroded. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  86. Derrick says:

    2000 VW Passat, 177k miles, won’t start, not even attempting to start. Thinking CCM? The lady I bought it from said it drove great when she got it 3 months ago and then it wouldn’t start about a month ago. When turning the key it would light up the dash as if to start but then nothing, i put my foot on the brake and it seemed to short something and now its sparatic flashing and of icons and nothing turns on I.E lights, radio, windows dont work (didnt before i stepped on brake).

    • Johnnie says:

      Water in your brake servo/mastercylnder water then seeps down the wires and into the car footwell, it’s not see or noticed until your problem. A problem I’ve had!
      The solution is clear the water drain hole that is right underneath the brake servo & hard to get at.
      Good luck, if you still have the car.

  87. Meto says:

    Thank you guys so much, life saver

  88. Derrick says:

    UPDATE* The sparatic lights were stopped by charging battery, odd.

    • derrick says:

      Fixed all problems. If there are no corroded wires. Check your cigarette lighter fuse! It controls the computer communication throughout your vehicle and will stop most things from working, windows, ignition, pretty much everything.

  89. marc says:

    Your thread just saved my butt. spent all day with a service manual. wasn’t till I found this that I solved my problems. tyvm!

  90. Janda says:

    Have just paid a back street so called mechanic £80.00 for labour to, as he says, “Strip out the carpet on the ‘drivers side’ of the VW Passat. (Thought it was on the passenger side)! Checked the CCM and wiring but don’t have time to do any more work due to other customers. Will bundle it all up and you can give me a call later”. £80.00 for no result. Has left a very sour taste in my mouth. I will attempt to repair the CCM wiring myself if it is necessary but know it will be hard due to various physical disabilities I have. I can buy a used CCM on ebay, would I have to get it reprogrammed? Or is it only the key fob which needs reprogramming?
    Thanks for any input. Wonderful site.

  91. Donnie says:

    i bought a 2004 jetta for my 16 year old daughter as a project for us to fix up for her first car, it was not running when we bought it,found out it had a broken timing belt so we replaced it and the water pump also, now the car runs great. but the power windows didnt work at all, so we checked all fuse and relays still not working we found a bad 30 amp breaker, replaced now all windows work from there door switch except the drivers door will not work any of them,drivers door only works with key from outside. power locks are the same all work from there door but not the drivers door it only works its self, we replaced the drivers door lock assembly with a new one and also the drivers master door switch, we checked all wires in drivers door and found none broken, it still works the same way. the dome light dont work when you open the drivers door but the light on the door does work,all other doors work fine. and some times the dome light comes on while driving.any suggestions thanks

  92. jonathan pressburger says:

    light works when you open other doors? Is it supposed to? Switch to select lights on all the time or only when open door(s). I’m sure you’ve checked all that but just in case; sometimes it’s the obvious that’s overlooked. I have an intermittent fault with driver’s window–not wiring as restarting the car fixes it! lol???

    regards from Thailand with a 1995 Passat

  93. Janda says:

    Thanks for that Jonathan. Have checked all the fuses etc (OK) and repaired three corroded and one broken wire (the red one) going from the wiring loom to the CCM. I took out the pcb from the CCM box-it was dry as was the footwell. If I disconnected the two plugs from the pcb (Model No:- 1JO959799AH) would it mean that I would have to get the CCM re-programmed by a VW dealer even though I had disconnected the battery? The Passat is such a nice comfortable car and I want to keep it. I do not use it very often, at my age I only travel about a thousand miles a year and then mainly to take the wife and wheelchair shopping or to hospital appointments. Difficult getting through car park barriers when the windows won’t work!
    If anybody has an idea as to how to fix this problem I would be very grateful.
    I like Thai food by the way!

  94. Janda says:

    Further to the above. Problem fixed!!! In desperation I called in a mobile auto electrical engineer, name of Brian Dolan based in Egham South East England. He very meticulously went through the wiring loom connecting to the CCM and stripped out most every crimped join that VW had made, cleaned them and retaped them. Checked the wiring with a multimeter, switched on and voila everything works; central locking, alarm, windows, interior lights etc. I am so pleased. Thanks to the wonderful people who had posted such good advice on this site I was pointed in the right direction. BTW if the CCM is disconnected it is not necessary to have the unit re-programmed. Just be aware of water ingress through the pollen filter.
    Forgot to say the car is a VW Passat, Auto Diesel 1998 cc circa 1998. 44,000 on the clock. It belonged to my golfing buddy and friend Duff Cooper who was sadly killed by an uninsured, illegal immigrant, courier driver some years ago. 65 MPH in a 30 MPH zone!!
    Dear old Duff went through World War 2 flying Lancaster bombers unscathed and then was killed like that. I bought the car off his widow.
    Thank you everybody for your most valuable contributions.
    Good luck and good health.

  95. Blake B says:

    Whats the easiest way to take off the plastic trim holding the carpet down?

  96. Janda says:

    Hi Blake B,
    There is no really easy way, just remember to take out the Phillips screw holding the triangular plastic plate to the front door pillar. Then it’s just a case of easing the plastic trim upwards from the door sill until you get to the seat belt housing. I tucked it away behind the front seat, bent it a little! I did not take the seat out. The carpet is moulded and I cheated. I eased it upwards as much as I could then -HORROR- I cut it with a Stanley knife, but under where the floor mat would be so it is quite secure and does not show, a bit of gaffer tape worked wonders.
    My problem was corrosion where the factory made crimped joints in the wiring loom just corroded over time, maybe a little damp. Joints remade, all working well now. The CCM was not busted and irrespective of what one so called auto electrician said it did not have to be reprogrammed by a VW dealer at the cost of a new mortgage just because I disconnected it. He just wanted my money.
    There must be something about my face, maybe too open. I have checked and cannot see MUG written on my forehead.
    Good luck with your endeavour.

  97. Derrick says:

    I was terribly wrong about my previous post on here with the cigarette lighter fuse, blah blah blah, I read it wrong, 2000 VW passat wagon, 1.8 turbo. Fuse 14 kept popping, found it controlled pretty much every luxury in the car including the anti theft, the interior light in the middle had a switch that someone busted, causing a small metal clip to come in contact with some other wires shorting out the entire anti theft, windows, interior lights, ect. Anyhow, took the metal piece out, put a fuse in and boom everything works.

  98. Sarah says:

    Im having an issue with my 2001 vw passat were it will not start i had a mechanic come out n look at it and it was not the starter the battery are the altinator no lights come on dash except traction control it turns over and thats it he plugged his computer up and said it was not any electrical issues the only thing he can think of is that its a security issue . Any ideas on what it could be !

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  100. Mark says:

    Hi I’m in uk,looking for some help on my 20004 passat tdi,my heaters are blowing fine,and working as they should but can’t get no heat,replaced,water pump,thermostat,
    Flushed all out,matrix pipes hot,water circulating just can’t locate the problem any ideas or help

  101. Timothy says:

    I have a 98 passat I was changing the speakers in the rear passenger door which by the way dose not open saw the wire to the lite under the door was shut in it when I pulled it out it arced on the door and set off the anti theft alarm now the car won’t start the doors won’t lock and the anti theft shuts off when shut the driver side rear door but as soon as u turn the key it goes off again what do I do 0lz help

  102. Becky and Ifor says:

    Hi all, I have the same problem, windows not working doors locking and opening on their own, for weeks now, then I got in my car a few days ago, and started it, and let it idle for about 15 mins then as I drove down lane I lost all power and it hasn’t started since. It tries to start as normal but no fire.
    Anyway, long story short after trying lots of different things, it turns out there is no power getting to the relay that’s connected directly to the fuel pump, would these wires be connected to the ccm?
    I will be opening it up anyway, to fix windows and door locks, was hoping the fuel pump electrics would be in there too.
    P.s all the relays and fuses at the front of the car are working fine.
    Any help please. 🙂

  103. neil says:

    Good info use die ellectric or vasaline on wires to minimize repeat prob. Also a crimping tool would be helpful.

  104. Frank Harris says:

    Frank 10/12/04
    Having had my passenger side stripped out drained and new seals fitted to fix my water problem lpaid thebest part of £450 for the privalage my mech told me the control unit had been under water
    This was after he had put it all back together, wish I read your article sooner.
    I know what me and my son are doing this Xmas,save him being bored. Thanks.

  105. Frank Harris says:

    The date on my previous reply should read 10/12/14, merry Christmas all

  106. Thomas Battles says:

    I’m going to try this on the CCM this wknd, i was not aware there was another box on drivers side, i had issues with the Transmission readout and i cleaned the other box and it is fine now, this car (1998 VW Passat Turbo) sat for a long time with water in the floorboards before i bought it and done some fixing, has just now started not wanting to start after i turn it off, if its off just a few minutes it wants to flood i guess is best i can describe, after maybe an hour, it will start just fine. I’ll check the CCM box out and update..

  107. Justin from UK says:

    Had the dreaded lock/window/fuel cap/mirror fault on my 98 Passat.
    Although it wasn’t the CCM (took it out & was dry) your blog helped no end as I found 5 rotten wires in the loom which runs along the cill under the passenger (UK-RHD) door threshold after I found no problems with the CCM.
    Have spilced in new wires & everything works, even the rear electric windows (which have never worked since I bought the car). You are right its like driving a new car!!!!!!!!
    Thank you again you saved me about £200 on an auto electrician’s fault finding labour.

  108. Tony Thompson says:

    I have a 1998 Passat Tdi which I’ve had for the past 14 yrs with no problems until now. Suddenly the central locking and all electric windows bar one ceased to work. Having read your helpful blogs I checked out the CCM unit but it was pristine condition. In desperation I took the car to an auto electrician who told me he could not fix it as he didn’t know what the problem was but charged me £60 for ‘looking’ at it. However he did say that when he disconnected the r/h plug within the CCM unit and then reinserted it everything worked. Unfortunately this remedy only lasts for 5/10 mins and then reverts back to not working again. I have confirmed this several times since bringing the car home.
    Has anyone ever experienced this problem and better still discovered what the problem was and rectified it.

    • Peter says:

      Hi Tony,
      I am having the exact same problem with my Audi A4 B6. The trick of unplugging the R/H switch also solves the problem for 10 minutes or so.

      Did you ever find a solution to this problem?


  109. onty14 says:

    Well, I had no ignition, no dome lights, no Windows controller. Checked the box did everything it says about it and at the end it was only the fuse number 33 witch control the Windows.

  110. Philip says:

    Anybody know anything about Volkswagons could use some help
    I have a 99 Passat 1.8t windows don’t work and the heat dnt work on the speed settings it has a toggle to turn the blower on I was told it was the ccm module so I changed it and still the same but now the buttons on my key won’t work any ideas I’m really confused
    When I touch the wires in the door with the test light the light dnt come on but when I hit certain wires u can hear the doors unlock and lock

  111. dwayne says:

    I got tired of the cerosion so I relocated it to the dash and mounted a small comp fan to keep cool. Will see how it goes

  112. Aidan M says:

    AMAZING.. Thank you so much! This issue was beginning to feel like a nightmare in my 99 Passat. All windows, gas tank opener, dome lights, remote key, and even just starting it regularly was all, not working. I tried everything short of taking it to the dealership. I followed your steps and found a ton of corroded wires, most being 4-5 connecting to just 1 other. Took me a while but as soon as I re-connected the CCM, poof! Everything worked. Thanks again for this. Very accurate and easy to understand! 😁

  113. Christopher says:

    I had all same issues with my 2001 Passat. Fixed everything except the windows so far but they will be working soon I just need to find the right splice. I couldn’t get trunk to unlock so I took everything apart in that area and I immediately smelled burnt plastic. The trunk lock actuator melted on the inside of it and it was all fused together. Replaced with another from junk yard – by the way is where I get most of my Passat parts – including ccm. I even got extras just in case. But one day recently I scraped a curb and ruptured transmission oil cooler hose. Fixed hose and refilled trans with fluid but now I get shifting problems. Slips in and out of third and would also shift very hard into third. One time it was stuck in second gear. But now it happens sometimes mostelt when its hot. Could this be the TCM at fault. Thanks for all your posts here this is where I learned to fix my Passat. By the way I love the car its so fun to drive and also so many modifications you can do to it. On YouTube look up fastest Passat in the world. Sweet! Thanks again.

  114. EARNEST says:

    I thank u for ur discovery,my car passat 2008 model 4 cylinder move freely at reverse but can’t have strenght to move when i put on drive.secondly it always give a pop sound and i had change the air flometre,plugs and fuel pump but it still give the sound

  115. Pingback: 2000 Volkswagen Passat Water in The Floor | CARSFORSALENORTHERNIRELAND.COM

  116. Dimitar says:

    Tuareg 2004 2.5 tdi have not worked my reading of fuel declined my wiper module that comfort you ? and everything that happened after the car wash . help

  117. Ricky says:

    Would this be the same way too access the ccm on a touran 2004 remote locking isn’t working

    • Johnnie says:

      It’s highly possible yes, water can get anywhere there is a gap.
      In your case the water may of not made it to the ccm, it may have just destroyed a wire join or splice somewhere around the footwells.
      I’d check all the joins and splices I could see for any sign of water damage, past or present. 😎

  118. Johnnie says:

    One solution I have found for this, to prevent it happening in the future is to mount the ccm box to either the side of the glove box or as high enough off the floor as you can. The water does not only pool on the floor of the car (both sides) but it actually trickles down the whole wire harness, and makes it to the rear footwells, all this is made possible by gravity and the angle of the car, so basically the water just follows the wiring loom and destroys any bare wires in its path.
    Just try and mount the ccm as high as you can off the floor.
    One of my friends actually moved his ccm off the floor into the glove box, the car is still running like new today, with every electric button working. Good luck 🙂

  119. Just a little pointer from the Essex Sunshine Coast; If my experience with our 2002 A6 Avant is typical, then the reason this family of vehicles (VW Passat, Audi A6) gets a soaking wet floor is the rather puny scuttle drain hole, underneath the battery tray. This blocks up far too easily with silt and leaves coming down from the screen and wiper scuttle, and fills the lower bulkhead up like a bathtub, til it reaches the level of the pollen filter… Then you get a trickle of water down the inside of the firewall which fills up the floorpan like an ice cube tray. There was an inch of water ON TOP of the rear footwell carpet in our car. Miraculously the ECU boxes were dry inside, but it took weeks to dry out the carpet foam..! But take heart from the fact that the CCM will go wrong eventually whether or not it gets wet; just ask any MK IV Golf owner, and theirs is located behind the steering wheel, dry as a bone! I was picking from a 2003 Passat in our local breakers today, the car was absolutely immaculate (1.8T sludge-up death) but still, there it was, 5 inches of water in the bulkhead…..!

    • The idea i came up with is to make those puny little drain holes bigger, i had a brake problem, so when i took out the brake servo i made the hole about an inch bigger, i also done underneath the battery, now all the rain and sludge has somewhere to go, its just a pain to get to the drain holes, but worth it in the long run, as water just destroys these VWs from the inside out.

  120. Shane says:

    I have a 03 VW Passat and my lock and unlock is the only thing that does not work in my car. I tried replacing the fuse in the fuse box but that just blew the fuse and im not sure how to fix the problem. any suggestions on what I should do?

    • John says:

      There must be a loose wire or heavily corroded wire shorting it out and working intermittent. The only way to fix it is find the badly connected wire. The wires are usually causing problems are located under the front seats, under the carpet! If you value the car and have time, take out both seats and centre console, and lift the carpet and check for current damp, past damp, corrosion, and you will no doubt find some bad wires, may find a lot, but may just find one. You also may need to look hard and check every wire.
      Find it solder up and secure, put carpet back and seats, and all should be good. 👍🏽

    • do you mean the lock/unlock with the key fob? or when you put the key in the door to unlock the car? or the button on the drivers door that unlocks and locks the doors?
      i have an 03 passat too, and all of my electrical problems have been down to water getting onto wires somewhere and coroding them somewhere, if you are lucky you can see the damage the water has caused, if not you must test/check all the wires untill you find it.
      hope this helps

  121. Erik Lange says:

    My sunroof was left open in a major storm and the driver side floorboard had about 4 inches of water in it. It sounds like your fix might take care of my problems. Thanks so much for the info!

  122. John says:

    No problem😎 it’s such a shame that a silly little thing like a little water can destroy these cars from the inside out, water gets into the car in such a small crack or big open sunroof.
    My mind boggles as to to why when the Germans built such a bullet proof car they didn’t bother to make the wiring bullet proof😁😏 I have over 700,000 miles on my Passat and it still drives like new, I have about 4 electrics that don’t work, and can I find the broken/corroded wires? I’m still looking 5 years later 😕

  123. Aerial says:

    That’s this is exactly what was the problem

  124. Brian says:

    I have to replace mine in my 03 A4 my question is do you have to reprogram the keys if all the numbers match the old one?

  125. Emanuel says:

    I have a VW Passat b5 1.9 tdi 90bhp all my electric is not working.
    – Windows up or down
    – interior lights
    – Cigarette lighter
    – locking system
    – some fuses not working with I changed them.
    I’ve check the black box under the seat and much more.
    What should I do guys……???????

  126. phillip g says:

    worked for me ,,many thanks,,,,the windows and sunroof,,,,i sprayed the entire parts with special lubricant

  127. cesar says:

    Have 2000 audi a6 2.0 was charging my battery then window goes down now do t want to work nor raido

  128. craig says:

    Hi, I have an issue where my interior lights wont work. I replace a fuse, and the lights work until I switch a reading light light on, then the fuse pops. I suspect the CCM, but I’ve checked under both the passenger and driver side carpets but I cannot find it. Where else could it be? I’ve searched the net but all sites point to under the carpet. I have a 2006 Passat 2.0 TDi – Right Hand drive (Euro).

  129. John says:

    Loose wire/bad connection somewhere, I had the same problem, mine was a loose wire in the rear cigarette lighter, it pops the fuse every time a connection is made.
    You need a circuit tester to check all wires properly.
    I’d take a guess that it’s a wire join quite low down in the car that has either been exposed to damp/moisture or a wire that has broken due to constant bending, like the loom going into the rear doors.

  130. Rocky says:

    I’m gonna try this as soon as I can. I don’t have power to windows, door locks, or interior lights on 2002 A4. Handy tip for the flooded floors….. Put a container of DampRid in the car and it will absorb every bit of the moisture, with no traces of mildew odor. I bought the container that Wal-Mart carries. It has a compartment that stores the moisture it collects. You will empty it every day until it’s dry. I accidentally left the windows down on my old ford escort, during a rainstorm, and I used the DampRid after I vacuumed up what water I could. Just make sure you keep the windows up so it doesn’t draw moisture from the outside. The website is if you want to see what I’m talking about, The one that Wal-Mart carried was the container with the refill packs. It works without any labor involved. Just set it in the floorboard and pour out what it collects daily until there’s no more to pour.

  131. michael says:

    Question does that ccm box have anything to do with the car puttin or hesitant to go like skipping basically cause I’m thinking about purchasing one it’s a 99 vw passat

  132. Donald L says:

    Hi ! I’m from Boston,MA
    I’m so glad that i fixed my interior lights .I don’t know how to thank you again
    I just followed the instructions step by step as you said and everything work like magic
    You save me so much $ to be honest my friend
    Keep on doing the good work thanks !

  133. angel says:

    My passat won’t start or crank and nothing inside is working

  134. rob.ainslie says:

    Hiya Al my windows won’t open .I just got the car .as the redo won’t work .I need help .or will the boot open ???

  135. rob.ainslie says:

    I just e.mail u my car is a passat 2005

  136. Julio says:

    I was working with interior lights and my screwdriver touch the metal part OF the lights and all the interior lights dont work and my alarm dont work,my fuel cover wont open and my alarma wont lock the car.need help

  137. Ban Robert says:

    Hi. I got a same issue, but outside of the box. 3 pc Black-Red from fuse box. 2 goes to ccm. 4 goes back side of the car. What should i do ? Connect every black-red together? Anybody can help. Thx in advance

  138. Robert Ban says:

    Thx guys. Everything is working now.

  139. Ej says:

    I have a 2002 Audi A4 this helped a lot! I live In the Rockies of Colorado and the Windows worked the summer before but as soon as the snow came the Windows stopped working, currently I have the entire driver side torn apart because i haven’t had good weather to work on it. The irony of myself is that I work at an auto glass shop to which I repair and replace door glass and a customer asked me about the same problem on his 04 Jetta. I will be forwarding this article to him. I spent countless hours trying to find this freaking ccm and almost every single mechanic I’ve talked to looked at me like I was crazy

  140. Sam says:

    So I have a polo 2007 and every time it rains the centre locking on the driver side stop working so I have to unlock it from the passenger side. The electric windows stop can’t use them at lot on passenger and driver side. What could it be I did take to a mechanic. He said there was no water getting inside and he checked this black box under the steering wheel but he never opened it he just looked at it and said it was bone dry so water could not get inside.he also said there is a box inside the driver side door he said it could be that. But I think there might be water side the black box under the driver steering wheel. What do you think it could be.

  141. Rashied says:

    Thank you. I am going to try fix it now.

  142. Alfred says:

    I have a 1.8 turbo Jetta. 02 No power in the fuses 29 34 43 10. The starter and alternator and are well tried and the battery is new. car cranks but doesn’t start I test the relays and they are okay Could someone please help me?

  143. daddy says:

    thanks for lesson, but my jetta 4 1.8t 2005 it’s not opening front passenger door, manually and with mobiliser it is locked what could be problem ccm ?

  144. Ray Budde says:

    For everyone who owns a 98 VW passat the ccm is located under the driver side floor in the middle of the floor and thank you guys for the very helpful information

  145. Michael says:

    I have changed the ccm an fixed the broken wires still no change windows won’t work fuel cap won’t open an boot interior lights still not working does anyone have any ideas ?

    Have checked fuse box side of dash
    Wires look ok underfootwell

  146. Andrew says:

    Having problems with my door locks suddenly quit working the other day (except for the hatch) and the fuel filler door opening intermittently some times it works (just not when I need it to when I’m at the gas station to fill up of course). So I figure it’s time to check the CCM – I followed the directions, and got my carpet up enough to see and grab the CCM… Is there some clips somewhere on the box holding it to the floor? Mine is firmly in place and grabbing it simply won’t pull out as you outlined. On the good side, everything is 100% bone dry – but should be given how much attention I give to keeping all the drains clear.

    Michael – I’m not sully sure about the windows, but the locks and interior light I have a rough idea on what to check next – the lock modules inside the doors (assumed you did the easy step of checking the fuses of course). As for the fuel cap, the switch followed by motor for the fuel filler latch.

  147. Ted says:

    I have a 2013 BE Passat estate with flat tyre light on dash, when I scan the TPMS is not showing up, checked the TPMS module and looks OK with power supply ok,
    Anyone know where the TPMS plugs in to ?
    Any help appreciated.

  148. Tim says:

    just checked my neighbours motor in the area you mention and found quite a few wires corroded apart. Have rejoined them all and alsorts are back working now….cheers

  149. Ladislav Horvath says:

    Hallo mischien hep ik de zellfde fout ik wel wieten hoeveel dat zal kosten? ales en totaal !

  150. Keith Spacey says:

    I need the two plugs that go in the module with a good length of wire as mine are corroded!where & how much will it be?

  151. Lauren says:

    We had this problem and my husband ordered 2 new computers and they came with a new harness. He decided to splice the cables and try to match them according to our old connector, but the pin outs are not the same. Now nothing works. The old computer board is extremely corroded and the harness chassis has had cables literally corrode out of it. Now I have cables that I’m not sure where they belong and no way of getting them into the harness chassis. How can I order empty harness chassis, and the necessary crimp pins? I can go about it the long way by trying to match the cables one by one to yet male end on the computer board male end on the computer board, but it would be nice to have the actual schematic beforehand. I went to a VW dealership but they seemed more confused and discouraged that I am. I feel like this is a solvable issue that I can handle. I have patience, but I certainly am not willing to pay a lot of money to get it fixed. Kind of silly that they don’t have a recall for this issue. Any guidance would be appreciated. I can provide more details!

  152. carel says:

    good day

    i am busy with a vw passat 1.8t 20v aeb converting it to manaul i need to know what needs to done on the computer box as it no longer going to use the ccm from the auto box
    any other advise on the conversion will be appreciate

  153. massarweh50 says:

    My windows working fine and lock unlock using key fine but remote won’t work or program how to fix it

  154. massarweh50 says:

    My Passat 98 ccm working fine except remote can’t add or programmed (new remote part HLO1J0959753F)

  155. John says:

    I have an 05 Passat that has every problem you have described. If I take the CCM out of another 05 Passat will it work and do I need to have the key reprogrammed?

  156. Steve Hopkins says:

    I have a 2002 Volkswagen Passat what side is Comfort Control on passenger or driver side floorboard

  157. Robert Scott says:

    I have a 99 passat and I need to know in what order on the ccm does the wires go into the plug because the wires r broken out of the plug and I don’t know which wire goes where. Please help thanks Robert Scott

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