Coconut Grass Supreme

Coconut Grass Supreme

Ever heard of grass jelly?  It’s a type of gelatin with herbal tea, usually black in color.  In Asia, grass jelly is grated and soaked in sweetened water, then served as a drink – you can do this if you want to try what my family calls “snake juice”! =)  I made an improv “slushie” version with coconut that’s very refreshing!  Note: the calories on this come from how much sugar you add and the fat in the coconut milk.  I like it sweet and with normal coconut milk so it’s like a shake!  Definitely dessert.  🙂

Recipe Details


up to 16 cups

Prep Time:

5 min

Cook Time:

10 min




1 can grass jelly (you can find in the Asian aisle usually)
1 can coconut milk (reduced fat if you like)
honey and/or sugar to taste

Directions: (Note: you can add all ingredients directly to blender and puree if you’re in a hurry)

1) Grate or cut the grass jelly into small chunks. Put into a bowl or pitcher and add water and let sit for a little while – this brings the tea out of the jelly a bit. This photo is of the grass jelly after sitting all night. When first grated, the jelly is darker and the water lighter.

2) Blend the can of coconut milk with the ice. Or if you have a weaker blender, take the ice (about 3-6 cups) and crush it in the blender or food processor. Then add the coconut milk. In this picture instead of choosing to use ice, I used ice cubes of young coconut and lychee (I just seeded the lychee and blended with the young coconut til it was a puree and then I froze it in ice cube trays).

3) Add some or all of the grass jelly/water mix and blend (you may need to add more water). Add honey or sugar (I like using both) and add to taste. Blend all together until the sugar is dissolved. In this case I wanted to keep some of the grass jelly in “snake” form to weird my kids out so I added the slushie to half of the reserved grass jelly and mixed.

Serve as a delicious refreshing drink!

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