We generally take turns making the dinners.  If I (Katherine) make it, a curry will often show up, or a stir fry, or some new baked dish I saw in my Food Network magazine (I order those because I can cut out the recipe list, keep it in a binder, then just look through the binder whenever I need ideas and grab the mag when I find the one I want).  If Nathan makes the meal, as he often does, then we’ll have a variation of meat, starch and veg, all separated.  A typical dinner could be rice, pineapple pork roast and peas.  He decided a while back to try for two veg dishes each meal, but it depends on how much we have.

Here are some of the recipes we’ve come up with for dinners.

gf_gif  *New* GF Meatballs and Taters

gf_gifpv_jpg  *New* Shrimp and Scallop Stuffed Salmon

gf_gifdf_jpg.jpgvg_jpgve_jpgpv_jpg  *New* Katherine’s Western-Indian Curry

gf_gifdf_jpg.jpgvg_jpgpv_jpg  *New* Katherine’s Pesco-Vegetarian Chinese-Indian Curry

vg_jpgpv_jpg  Upside Down Pizza – How to

gf_gifdf_jpg.jpgvg_jpgve_jpgpv_jpg  Asian Fusion BBQ Sauce, for Ribs or Fish or Soy

gf_gifdf_jpg.jpg  Tropical Pork with Jackfruit

vg_jpgpv_jpg  Classic Lasagna

gf_gifpv_jpg  Three Cheese Spinach Stuffed Salmon


Keywords:  These means that the recipe will suit the following diets, or will if the optional ingredients are not used.  Many of the recipes can be used for specialty diets, as long as equivalent ingredients are used – Crisco instead of butter for example.

gf_gif Gluten-Free

df_jpg.jpg  Dairy-Free

vg_jpg  Vegetarian

ve_jpg  Vegan

pv_jpg  Pesco-Vegetarian