Tropical Jam – Guava, Mango and Banana

Guava Mango Banana Jam

This jam hits just the right tropical notes without being overpowering.  Delicious!

And it tastes great on toast…mmmn…:)

Tropical guava, mango, banana jam on toast

I’ve always liked guava but find the gritty texture not entirely pleasant, so with this jam I’ve filtered most of the grit out.  The guava taste is still there but it’s a nice smooth jam!  This recipe uses regular yellow-fleshed guavas but should work for other varieties.  I have another recipe using Strawberry Guavas and strawberries that is amazing too!  And of course, my world famous Golden Banana Kiwi jam.  🙂

Amounts are approximate.  Yield can be seen in the final picture.


5-10 guavas

2 bananas

8 mangoes

1-2 c. apple juice (mine was freshly squeezed from Ambrosia apples)


1 1/2 c. sugar



First, prepare the guavas since they need the most work.  Guavas don’t have to be peeled, in fact the pectin is mostly in the skin, but I cut off the flower ends and any parts of the skin that were yucky looking.  I cut each into four pieces and covered it with water, setting it to a medium temp for about 30 min.cut guavas in pot covered with water

Once the guavas are softened I used my handy potato masher to break it all up into a mush.  This time I did a two -part filter because I didn’t have a hanging bag handy.filtering guava mush

The aim to filtering is to get the hard bitter seeds out, and larger chunks of skin.  The second filter made sure it was just pulp.

filtering guava pulp

Second filter

Guava mush for jam

I took the guava mat that was filtered out and put it into a blender with extra water.  Then I blended it up and used a fine filter on the resulting liquid to put it into ice cube trays.  That way I will have ice cubes of guava juice to add to smoothies later.

guava pulp and water in a blender

Once the guava pulp is made, I added juice commercially prepared:

Del Monte World juice: Guava, Golden Kiwi and Mangosteen

You can substitute another kind of juice, but this one has a nice flavor.  Technically, this makes it Guava, Mango, Apple, Banana, Golden Kiwi and Mangosteen jam.  🙂

After the juices were mixed it took on a pink color, the guavas I had were yellow fleshed ones, not pink.

guava juice ready to make into jam

Then I added cut mango chunks, apple juice and the two bananas, and the sugar.  My mangoes were ripe but still very sour so you can adjust the sugar if you have sweeter fruit.

Mango chunks in guava jam

I put the heat on again and heated til the mango started breaking down enough to mash, about 10-15 min.

If you are using commercial pectin, follow the instructions on when to add the sugar and pectin instead of this.  For this recipe all I happened to have on hand was freezer jam mix, which is actually carrageenan, not pectin.  I added it to the jam and processed the jars according to standard canning rules.

Canning lids in hot water

The canning lids in hot water preparing to be canned

Guava jam almost ready to can

My batch remained syrup-level of runniness after canning, but thickens up to jam thickness in the fridge, which is what happens when you use freezer jam mix.  Either way, it’s a great flavor!

Guava mango banana jam all canned

Guava mango banana jam all canned!