About Us

Welcome!  This is the blog of Nathan and Katherine (Kathy) Born.   We’ve been married since Sept ’03, and currently have six children (you can read their birth stories if you are interested by clicking on “Births”).  We have recently decided to add site affiliate ads, see this post if you’re curious why.

Right now we just finished serving in a missionary pastoral position with Village Missions (Canada).  Our ministry page was a public Facebook page, Born Family Ministry.  Nathan’s sermons are viewable there as well.   Right now we are having an adventure.

We are Christians, as will no doubt become abundantly clear in reading our posts.  Over time separately and together since married we have found ourselves moving towards positions that take the Bible seriously and not just as a story;  for example, we now take Sundays as our rest day seriously and don’t go shopping or out to eat, etc – since we know we need that day of rest, we don’t think it’s fair to ask others to work for us (although, as Jesus pointed out, there are merciful actions that should happen every day, so we will take our kids to hospital if needed on Sunday, extremely thankful for the doctors and nurses who waive their rest to serve us).  Of course, as Christians we also know how extremely far short we fall daily in following our Saviour’s lead in action and thought, so if you’re looking for “hypocrisy” in our lives I’m sure there will be plenty of evidence!  So we hope you extend mercy to us on this blog as we are imperfect, saved sinners who just want to glorify our King.  If you are curious as to our specific theological leanings, we are Reformed evangelicals who believe in Christian non-resistance (see under writing for an article explaining what that is).

We met in Maui:

Maui north shoreplaying paintball!

match made in Heaven

match made in Heaven

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3 Responses to About Us

  1. prairiechick63 says:

    Katherine! I had no idea you guys have met playing paintball!! LOL!! Mikhael has been dying to play that game, but, we have our reservations about it! You know us so I guess you would know where are we coming from, right?

    • nathankathy says:

      Yes! I think I’m feeling ambivalent about Jonathan’s gun likings too! And paintball is not for the faint of heart (or weak of skin!). But it is a lot of fun…

  2. Hi, I’m really enjoying the blog! Would love to discuss the feasibility of you contributing blog posts to our website http://www.thirdcultured.com Please contact me via email for more information. Thanks!

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