Fusion Rice Cendol Dessert

rice pudding cendol fusion mango pandan agar jelly

I love Asian food and one that I have missed is the dessert called “Cendol.” It can be served over shaved ice for a nice tropical “ice cream” (real ice cream is not huge in SEAsia due to the lack of milk cows, the climate is too hot for them I suspect). So tonight for Mother’s Day I made myself a fusion version of it. I have been on a rice pudding kick (see my Rich Rice Pudding recipe) so I put the rice pudding in an oven safe bowl and added marshmallows on top, then put it in the oven for about 8 minutes.  The marshmallows toasted nicely.

rice oudding topped wih marshmallows

I had already chopped up some ripe mangoes and sprinkled sugar on it to create a bit of a syrup. I had also made up a packet of pandan coconut agar agar (purchased from the Asian food store like you would buy Jello; agar agar is the vegetarian alternative to gelatin). I cut it up into thin strips and served each like a buffet – everyone took some of the toasted marshmallow rice pudding and put toppings on it. Usually this dessert would have other options to add in like beans, coconut milk, young coconut jelly, etc but this was what we had. It was soooo good!

chopped mangoes

pandan agar agar