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We have been homeschooling our kids since 2009.  We have also had some of them, at least, in private Christian school in California and in public school in BC, Canada.  We have homeschooled as a completely private school, unbeholden for any but the most basic requirements, and now homeschool under a private umbrella school in BC which does require weekly reporting and following strict guidelines.  However, now our children are under IEP’s which allow greater flexibility in meeting provincial requirements.

Over the years we have worked through our ideas about learning, and developed a hodge-podge “homeschool philosophy” which takes elements of the Charlotte Mason approach, Classical education as espoused by one of my favorite authors, Dorothy Sayers, and un-schooling.  We have enjoyed several different curriculum for the last few years: Apologia’s Science curriculum based on the days of Creation, the Story of the World history, Singapore Math and Alphabet Island’s English curriculum.  I just ordered Life of Fred for supplementing math after hearing so much about it for years.

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Here are the curriculum we are using on Amazon:

Singapore Math

Apologia’s Exploring Creation

Alphabet Island Phonics

The Story of the World

Life of Fred