Birth Stories.  We all have one, but of course we don’t know our own usually!  And since giving birth can be such an amazing, intense and sometimes traumatic event, it is not something usually chatted about.  However, I have found that if you get a group of mothers together and the subject comes up, it is a topic of acute interest even years later – just the other night a whole hour went by at a ladies event only on this topic, with just four women talking!  (of course, two of us were pregnant so the subject was obviously on our minds…;) )

I have decided to post all of my birth stories in one place here on our blog.  I hope that the birth stories are interesting to others; obviously every birth is different and each person’s perspective is unique (even different from another person’s memory of the same event!).  I have had the privilege of attending about 10 other births since becoming a mother, one as a friend and the others as a volunteer CCE at our local hospital’s birth floor, and I have come to appreciate how amazing and miraculous all births are, from C-sections to “all naturals” to miscarriages/stillbirths – and although I have to say that God’s whole method of creating new life within and getting it out still completely has me baffled and amazed (how does it work?!?), obviously He knows what He’s doing.  😀

The blog lists the kids alphabetically, here is a chronological listing if you’re curious from first to last (to see the birth story, put your cursor on “Births” above):








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