Chocolate Yogurt with Nutella

Chocolate Yogurt

This recipe came out of pregnancy cravings.  I love chocolate but try to eat more healthily while pregnant and nursing.  One day I tried this combination and found it surprisingly addictive.  You might too!  Also it satisfies that chocolate craving while still being a fairly healthy snack.



Plain yogurt (I like Balkan, the full fat kind)


Take a spoonful or two (as much as you want) of Nutella and put it into a bowl.  Microwave for approximately 20 seconds on high.  Add as much yogurt as you want and mix quickly with the warmed Nutella.  Once thoroughly mixed, sit down and enjoy!  You could add sliced bananas or strawberries, experiment away!

Note:  Nutella is the brand name for a chocolate hazelnut spread, like peanut butter.

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