Katherine’s Pesco-Vegetarian Chinese-Indian Curry

pesco vegetarian chinese indian curry

I love a good curry.  I could eat curry every day.  Not even joking.  As a pesco-vegetarian for years I now find Indian food is my “comfort” food.

This particular curry came about as a kind of fusion between a Chinese-style soup and an Indian curry.  Yummy!

The recipe doesn’t have amounts because it’s been a while since I made this one, but just adjust for your approximate family size.  If you’re going to eat it with rice, as we often do, then you can reduce the amount of curry proportionately.


Tofu, silken or firm, cut into cubes (silken must be added at the very end, firm can be cooked in the stew for a while)

Shrimp, peeled and tail off (already cooked is fine if you add it last)

Shiitake mushrooms, sliced (and re-hydrated if you use dried)

Bell peppers, chopped

Onions, finely chopped

Green onions, chopped into small pieces

Garlic cloves, crushed

Fresh ginger, minced

Lemongrass, minced

Coconut milk

(I also love adding chickpeas to a curry, although I didn’t for this one)

Spices: Chinese 5 spice, garlic (powder), salt, white pepper to taste, sweet chili sauce, soy sauce, curry mix (most stores generally carry them already mixed, but if you want to be particular you can buy the curry, cumin, etc individually and mix them to taste), extra cumin, galanga powder, calamansi or other citrus flavor (lemon juice will do in a pinch)

(note: Over the years I’ve made this so many times I honestly don’t even know how much I use of each spice; I add a bit, taste, add more or call it good.  Some experimentation may be needed on your part to find what you like best.  Not all spices are necessary but it does taste more authentic if you use them)


Do a quick stiry-fry of the dry spices, coconut oil, and garlic, ginger, bell peppers and onions.  When they’ve browned up or cooked nicely, add the coconut milk.  Add all the rest of the spices and simmer.  You can add the mushrooms now but leave the shrimp and tofu for near the end or they can get tough/fall apart.

Simmer for at least half an hour.  The flavors need to “meld” together.

When all the shrimp, tofu, etc is cooked remove from heat.  Serve over rice for a filling meal.

For more curry recipes Amazon has a lot of cookbooks, here’s just one example:

660 Curries