Drinks and Other Foods

This will be my catch-all collection of drink recipes and other how-to’s and foods.  The basic smoothie recipe we use is under “Green Goodness” but half the time our drinks aren’t green!  I love all kinds of flavors.

gf_gifdf_jpg.jpgvg_jpgve_jpgpv_jpg  Green Goodness Fruit and Vegetable Smoothie

gf_gifvg_jpgpv_jpg  Rich Cooked Egg Nog

gf_gifdf_jpg.jpgvg_jpgve_jpgpv_jpg  Coconut Grass Supreme

gf_gifdf_jpg.jpgvg_jpgve_jpgpv_jpg  *New* How to: Baking Butternut Squash


Keywords:  These means that the recipe will suit the following diets, or will if the optional ingredients are not used.  Many of the recipes can be used for specialty diets, as long as equivalent ingredients are used – Crisco instead of butter for example.

gf_gif Gluten-Free

df_jpg.jpg  Dairy-Free

vg_jpg  Vegetarian

ve_jpg  Vegan

pv_jpg  Pesco-Vegetarian