Easter Creme “Eggs” or Cupcake Chocolates (Easter Cream Cups)

What a great Easter treat!

chocolate creme cupcake eggI was given this magazine to look at Easter recipes, and found some yummy ones. This recipe was on the last page.

easter magazinerecipeI think the basic idea is the Cadbury Creme Eggs.

And who wouldn’t want a yummy cream egg?  I experimented with several molds for this recipe, but because I needed larger amounts I decided to stick with the cupcake liner recommended in the magazine – the best one was a metallic.  However, if it had just been a dozen or so that I needed, I would have used the egg mold I have, or the rounded cupcake one I got from a frozen mochi pack. 🙂

To sum up, these are delicious!  I tweaked the recipe but I’ll reproduce theirs before listing my changes:


7 oz (200 g.) dark chocolate, chopped into pieces

half vanilla bean (optional)

250 g pkg cream cheese

2 T. butter, softened

1/2 t. vanilla

1/8 t. salt

1 c. icing sugar

6 drops yellow, 1 drop red coloring

Now for my changes.  I made two different kinds.  We avoid food colorings if at possible, so I decided to nix that and add actual egg yolks to my “yolk” layer.  The other kind was peanut butter.  So I substituted some PB, butter and sugar mixed together for the middle “yolk” on half.


I followed the directions in the magazine pretty much.  You have to make the chocolate shells first so they’re ready to load up.  I used a small paintbrush and a dark chocolate/semi sweet mix of melted chocolate.  It worked best to do the first layer, put in the freezer for a few min., then patch up any thin patches.  It doesn’t need to be thick but it will be heavy when it’s done and a shell that’s too thin will break in your hands leaving a yummy mess.

Then you mix the cream cheese with the sugar, butter, vanilla.

mixer with cream cheeseIn the recipe, you take some of it out and mix with the food coloring.  I took it and mixed in egg yolks.  I did about five yolks but you could add to taste.  Five definitely leaves an eggy taste. Since they’re cream “eggs” I’m cool with that but Nathan preferred a no egg flavor.  The yolks definitely make it yellower which is the point anyhow right?  I also did the peanut butter filling.

Then you take the cold shells and put the first filling in. They recommend using a piping tip and bag but a spoon worked for me.  Then back in the fridge to chill.  When it’s cool enough, you fill it up, but the total filling has to be lower than the highest level of chocolate edging.  Again, chill.

PS. This is NOT a quick recipe.

chocolate cream cups with peanut butter

Finally you add some more melted chocolate to the top, smooth it, and chill again.  Or freeze.  They stay very nicely frozen or refrigerated.

One thing I liked about it is that with the dark chocolate, cream cheese and eggs or peanut butter is that this can be a higher protein lower sugar treat while seeming very decadent (if you reduce the amount of confectioners sugar).

We served it at a party with 24 kids in attendance, and it was pretty popular. 🙂

peanut butter fill