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It has been a long time since I posted on this blog with anything like regularity, and over a year since my last actual post.  We had chosen to make this blog “profit-less” so there has been no monetary gain or loss from posting or not; it’s just where we put our thoughts, recipes, occasional articles, etc.  When we first began, it was like a private message to the three or four visitors a month from our friends and family.  I had been using Hubpages to post web content for profit, but was horrified to discover that they were allowing *blue ads (including child porn) to be visible on our sites at night.  Thus we ported everything over to this blog, and made it profitless.  Then…our “How-To” VW repair became the top searched page in the world for VW issues.  And I was forced to realize that our blog was no longer a “friends and family” one but a very public one.  This has meant that while we could probably write at least one blog rant a day, we chose not to, because the public webosphere is an unforgiving and permanent one, and nuances in tone and meaning are usually totally lost.

Another factor is that our lives have been in constant tumult and change and pain for about 3 years.  There hasn’t been much that we would be willing to say publicly about some things that have happened.  And, to be honest, many days we just don’t have anything to say.  We have been enduring.

We aren’t in a much better place right now, honestly, but I decided I’d start up writing a bit more often.  I have been posting recipes over the years regularly; my two last were Rich Rice Pudding and Gluten Free Pumpkin Nut Cookies.  We are still eating recipes from years before, last night we enjoyed Upside Down Pizza.  In the fall, I began reading up a few different dieting ideas.  One book was “Wheat Belly” and another was the Trim Healthy Mama book and cookbook.  We’ve made some adjustments to our diet as a result, although we have not decided to become completely Gluten Free or THM.  As the four older children (we have six total) that we homeschool are on IEP’s for adjusted learning outcomes, I’ve been told over and over that we should try gluten free eating and see if that helps them with their learning.  We haven’t noticed much of a difference to be honest.  We have had the kids on a low-sugar, almost zero food dye diet since our oldest was a toddler because we noticed a BIG difference in behaviour for those two.

Another new thing for us is that I’ve started up a new business, Magnifikat Photography.  I’ve been a photography buff, and a Pentax user, since the 90’s but have been using it primarily to keep track of our changing lives and kids.  This Christmas season I decided to make it a “going concern” and I’m loving the challenge and the fun of it all.  As I delve into it more I’ll probably be posting more photography related entries.  I love this photo that I happened upon during a walk.  I think it looks a bit like a hobbit hole.


One of the other changes pertains to the blog.  After keeping it profit-less, we have decided to add in some affiliate links.  I began on the internet in school in the 90’s.  Back when keystrokes were necessary to go from one email message to the next; when people made beautiful images out of the symbols {|-+ like roses, or other things; when sitting in front of a screen waiting for that precious connection sound to come in past all the static cost an afternoon.  Did you miss it?  Here’s a quick sample thanks to youtube:

The internet in the beginning was fun.  I learned html to write my first webpages, cataloging my foray into living overseas.  The internet was full of dry, mostly educational content, horribly tedious if there were any images because it took forever and a day to load….a bit like a fusty old uncle with occasional thrills like a rollercoaster.  And then the connection speed stopped being an issue and the great information highway turned into the e-world, where most of the connected world turned to answer the most basic and most outrageous questions, where images popped up so quickly that the vast amount of the available pages became pornography.  Watching the transformation has been fascinating.  Watching the commercialization of the internet was depressing.  People writing one paragraph to have the appearance of “content” to lure in web traffic and money.  I decided to have nothing to do with it, and keep my little blog as my fun hobby.

As I’ve gotten older and kept busy raising children, certain realities have become more apparent.  One such reality is that a woman who spends years investing in her children has a pretty empty resume to offer when part or full time work might be desirous.  For that reason, I’ve started two businesses of my own, first house cleaning and now photography.  I have also decided to turn my love of writing into something that can be a part time job.  As I abhor blatant commercialization of blogs, I’m going to stick with ad content that’s actually related to what people might be interested in.  Hubs may put his oar in with some hockey commentary at times!

I hope you, our blog reader, will feel comfortable here.  Please let us know if you seen anything objectionable in any of the ads.  Thanks and enjoy!

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About nathankathy

Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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