Dessert Bows – Wontons stuffed with Rice Pudding, Nutella or Lemon Curd, and Strawberries 

Stuffed wontons

So the sunshine girl needed a dessert. We give our kids a “scratch off” sheet with 12 prizes on it at Christmas and they get to scratch one off each month. They love the monthly gifts and it helps spread out the costs of presents for 6 kids over the year. Most of the items came from the kids’ requests – Daddy Date. Ice Cream. Sleepover at the grandparents. The sunshine girl loves everything so she is super easy to please. This month she got to choose from cake or cookies. She asked for cake!

I love summer bounty. So when strawberries went on sale I decided the girl needed a strawberry cake. But when push came to shove on the night of, I only ended up having an hour to make it! I had already prepped the strawberries by rinsing, chopping into little bits and sugaring. Check. Whipped cream done.  Check. But the cake??  So desperation becomes the mother of invention. We had wonton wrappers (square thin sheets of dough) in the freezer.  I decided to go with that. My next thought was cream cheese because cream cheese wontons are one of my favorite treats, especially with a sweet -spicy sauce.  But…no cream cheese. All we had was leftover rice pudding. So I did a test run. Wonton sheet, small spoon of rice pudding,  dab of lemon curd or Nutella (I tried both), a few strawberry chunks. Close, shape,  fry. They were delicious!  So as Nathan finished up the last bits of dinner I quickly made as many as I could before dessert time.  When they were done I served with a dollop of whipped cream. Delicious! They do get soft instead of crispy after a while so this is not a make ahead dessert.  But the kids each had a Blast making their own so it’s a great recipe to make with the kids!
Note: this recipe can be made without dairy or wheat, simply substitute the appropriate alternative in the recipe.


1 package wonton wrappers

Pre-made rice pudding

Lemon curd or Nutella

Chopped and sweetened strawberries

Whipped cream for garnishing



This is a dessert that needs to be done quickly so for ease I suggest you do an assembly line to make the wontons then fry them all quickly.

Prep: Make the lemon curd if you are using it and don’t have it from the store.  The recipe I linked above makes the most amazing lemon curd I have ever tasted.  Seriously scrum-diddly-umptious.  Make the rice pudding as well.  It should have had a chance to set at least an hour.  Take the stems off the strawberries and chop into little bits, then sugar lightly and stir.  This is a great step to get kids involved – my oldest was my de-stemmer.

Assembly: Take one wonton wrapper and put into your hand. With a fingertip wet two connecting sides with water (V shaped).  Smear a dab of Nutella or lemon curd on the inner part part of the V up to the midline.  Put about a dime-quarter sized portion of rice pudding on top of that, then add a few bits of strawberry.

Wonton stuffed and ready to shape and fry

Take the “dry” V corner and fold in half onto the “wet” V.  Basically, it’s a square and you’re folding on the diagonal.  The wetted half acts like glue.  If the two sheets meeting together aren’t sticking, add a little more water.  You really need it to stick.  Once the triangle is sealed, bring the two corners near each other for the traditional wonton shape.  If you’ve over-filled it, you will find out now.  Once shaped, set aside until ready to fry.

Frying: An inch or two of oil in a fry pan is all that’s needed.  Bring it up to temp – a drop of water in it should sizzle.  I like coconut oil.  Put the wontons down and flip over when one side browns, it should take a minute or less.  The sheets are paper-thin.  When both sides are brown take out and put on a paper towel.  It will get soft instead of crunchy after some time so serve as quickly as possible.

To serve, place on a plate and add a dollop of whipped cream on top, and a few bits of strawberry as garnish!

Sorry there are no pics of the “plated” dessert.  It got gobbled up as quickly as I made it!

Note: I loved both flavors but the kids were big on the Nutella.  🙂

Here is a pic of breakfast the next day, rice pudding with leftovers, yum!:

Rice Pudding Dessert wth Strawberries, Cream and Lemon Curd