Breads and Jams

There’s nothing quite like bread and jam.  And butter of course.  I’ve made many different kinds of jams / jellies over the years but I’ve only included the recipes here for the ones that might be a bit different – ones you won’t find on a Certo insert.  🙂

vg_jpgpv_jpg  *New*  Paska (Easter Bread) Rolls

gf_gifdf_jpg.jpgvg_jpgve_jpgpv_jpg  Golden Banana Kiwi Jam

gf_gifdf_jpg.jpgvg_jpgve_jpgpv_jpg  Strawberry Guava Jam

gf_gifdf_jpg.jpgvg_jpgve_jpgpv_jpg  Tropical Jam – Guava, Mango and Banana

df_jpg.jpgvg_jpgpv_jpg  How to Make Homemade White Bread – Oma’s bread

df_jpg.jpgvg_jpgpv_jpg  How to Make Homemade Wheat Bread – Oma’s wheat bread


Keywords:  These means that the recipe will suit the following diets, or will if the optional ingredients are not used.  Many of the recipes can be used for specialty diets, as long as equivalent ingredients are used – Crisco instead of butter for example.

gf_gif Gluten-Free

df_jpg.jpg  Dairy-Free

vg_jpg  Vegetarian

ve_jpg  Vegan

pv_jpg  Pesco-Vegetarian