Katherine’s Western-Indian Curry

Western Indian Curry in a Profiterole bowl

This curry came about as a way to use up leftovers from a birthday dinner. I had made Profiteroles for dessert:

Profiteroles with whipped cream and coconut cream

I had enough Profiterole dough left over to make about 12 muffin sized ones:

Profiteroles baked in a muffin pan

So I got inspired to use up the rest of the birthday leftovers in a curry which I could then serve in these delectable little “bowls” of bread (well, profiterole, but since the dough is so eggy it’s a very savoury flavor).  Nathan had made his famous Honey Mustard Curry Chicken along with multi-colored cauliflower (purple and orange!), peas and rice.

The recipe only has general amounts because I am not a measurer, but just adjust for your approximate family size. If you’re going to eat it with rice, as we often do, then you can reduce the amount of curry proportionately.


1 pork roast, chopped into bite sized pieces (optional for veg diets)

~3 c. chopped, cooked potatoes, skin on

~1/2 c. Onions, finely chopped

~5 large Garlic cloves, crushed

~ 2 T. Fresh ginger, minced

~ 2 T. Lemongrass, minced (optional – I like to mince a whole bunch of it and keep it in a bag in the freezer for occasional need)

Coconut milk – at least 1 can

(I also love adding chickpeas and bell peppers to a curry, although I didn’t for this one)

~2 c. green peas

~ 1 c. cauliflower, in bite sized pieces

For this recipe I cheated a bit and used leftover Honey Mustard Curry Chicken gravy.  However, my standard spice mix is:

Spices: Chinese 5 spice, garlic (powder), salt, white pepper to taste, sweet chili sauce, soy sauce, curry mix (most stores generally carry them already mixed, but if you want to be particular you can buy the curry, cumin, etc individually and mix them to taste), extra cumin, galanga powder, calamansi or other citrus flavor (lemon juice will do in a pinch), and sesame oil is always nice.

(note: Over the years I’ve made this so many times I honestly don’t even know how much I use of each spice; I add a bit, taste, add more or call it good. Some experimentation may be needed on your part to find what you like best. Not all spices are necessary but it does taste more authentic if you use them)


Prepare Profiterole dough and bake muffin sized portions, allow to cool.  Cut in half. (Vegans can eat with rice instead)

Cut the potatoes and do a quick boil in another pot if you don’t have time for them to cook in the curry – they add a good half hour on to the cooking time.

Do a quick stiry-fry of the pork, dry spices, coconut oil, and garlic, ginger, (bell peppers) and onions. When the pork has browned up or cooked nicely, add the coconut milk. Add all the rest of the spices and simmer. If you’re using chickpeas, add them in now, they need more cooking time to be nice and soft.  You can also add the potatoes now if they’re cooked, or wait til later – the longer you wait, the less flavor the potatoes will absorb.  If you cook the raw potatoes in the curry, make sure to add extra salt at the beginning.

Simmer for at least half an hour. The flavors need to “meld” together.

When all the ingredients are about cooked, and you’re happy with the flavor, add the peas and cauliflower and cook til done. At this point the curry should be fairly thick.

Serve by placing the profiterole “muffin” halves on a plate and ladle hot curry into them.  Enjoy!

For fun I made some purple rice with Thai black rice and white basmati, and some quinoa (1:3:1):

Purple Rice with Thai black rice, white basmati and quinoa

Purple Rice!

Here’s what it looks like with a nice curry on it:

Curry on top of purple rice

For more curry recipes Amazon has a lot of cookbooks, here’s just one example:

660 Curries