Spider Eggs! aka Jello Egg Jigglers

Need a fantastic buggy treat?  When you have a 6 year-old son you become better acquainted with bugs.  So for my son’s 6th birthday party of course he had a “Bug Hunt!”  For one of the snacks I made “spider eggs” which were really just Jello with some raisins in for effect (I tried finding small black plastic spiders but no luck!).  Following is the recipe and pics, enjoy with your kids!



Jello packet (or substitute agar-agar for a vegan diet)



Yogurt (optional)

Jello egg mold (not optional!)



Make the Jello according to the box instructions, but reduce the water by about a third.  This will make for a firmer jello.

Assemble the egg molds, with a little bit of oil rubbed around the inside to help pop them out when done.

If you want an opaque look to the eggs, add in some yogurt and reduce the water accordingly – ie, if you add in 1/3 c. yogurt, reduce the water by 1/3 cup.

When the jello is ready to pour into the mold, pour very carefully into the tops of the egg molds.  Leave some room.  When done, drop raisins into the tops of the mold and refrigerate.

Jell-O eggs in the mold

Pop the eggs out carefully when fully set.  They should be soft but hold their shape.

These turned out so buggy that several of our birthday guests had to be reassured that it was all just jello!  🙂

Jell-O eggs as "spider eggs"


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