Life Change

For the last six years we have been pursuing answering a call to serve overseas, Nathan teaching at a seminary in Africa (Cameroon), with World Team.  We were accepted by the field and the seminary.  Our church had us go through an intensive period of assessment and at the end of 2 years agreed to be our sending church.  For that purpose we spent the last five years in seminary.  But today that road is officially closed.

When we finished seminary last June, we decided that we would move to Vancouver Island, BC, Canada for various reasons.  We had already begun the support-raising part of partnership development with our sending church’s blessing.  However, they told us that they could not at that time send us so they encouraged us to go to VI and to continue raising support as long as it was not from members of the church.  So we went to VI, and had our precious baby shortly after.

We began to have some difficulties in support raising, but our worsening financial situation was taking up most of our time and energies.  In February we were informed that our sending church, VCCC, had decided to send the head pastor as a missionary in March.  This decision was a shock to us as we had been told that the church was unwilling to send any missionaries this year for financial reasons.  Now, three weeks later, we have been told that they are not sending him as a missionary because he has just been disqualified from ministry due to an inappropriate relationship.  Also, they informed us that they have decided not to be our sending church.

Our missions agency, World Team, requires that candidates have a sending church.  Since we no longer have one, we cannot be candidates.  Therefore our official ties with both VCCC and World Team are now severed.

This is not what we had hoped or expected.  We still desire to serve God as missionaries in Cameroon, where the seminary still welcomes us.  That hope has been what sustained us through the last five, very difficult, years.  However we know that God is in control and he arranged for Nathan to get a MA in theology for his own glory.  We are awaiting the revelation of what’s next.

Thank you.

5 Responses to Life Change

  1. Elsie Balzer says:

    I will continue to pray that the Lord will reveal to you what He wants from you. when God closes one door He does open another one.
    In Christian love

  2. Gabba says:

    Oh, sweet Katherine. 😦 I’m so sorry for this maddening and frustrating news! I’m praying for you and your family!

  3. Cat G says:

    wow! It sure sounds like many complications beyond your control are changing your path right now. I have a feeling something even greater is in store even though it is not anticipated. Your perseverance will shine through. Keep on keeping on! One day at a time and moment to moment! I appreciate your courage and tenacity as you’ve worked so hard together. Love you!

  4. Myriam says:

    Nathan and Kathy,
    we are so shocked and so sorry to hear these news! We believe that God has plans for you in the future and that he has your hearts’ desires in his hand. Sending you both and your family blessings from Edmonton.

  5. Jodi Beck says:

    We will be praying with you. What heavy news. I am pulling your faces to mind and pondering the pain you are experiencing. I know God holds your hearts and still champions the cause of His church; even each local body.
    Love Ian and Jodi

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