Easter Party!

We had an Easter “picnic” party this year, to try to get to know our new neighbors.  It was a blast!  Except..so much for the “picnic” part.  We got snow the whole day before the party, so the day of (Easter Saturday) it was cold and slushy and muddy (you can see the piles of snow in the pic below!).  The kids played on the trampoline and soccer outside anyways, but they’re northern folk and hardy. 😉

I made these as my special “Easter dessert” and while it took quite a bit of time and work, they were well worth it.  Here’s the recipe and directions: Easter Creme Eggs or cupcake chocolates (Easter Cream Cups)chocolate creme cupcake egg

We ended up with 24 kids total, which was awesome!  But a bit crowded in the house. 🙂  We started at noon, so we started with eating of course!


Nathan kept saying, “We can’t run out of food!” so I made lots.  Here’s the list:

Easter Creme cups for dessert

Hot dogs on a stick

Paska rolls (recipe)

Pizza rolls (not shown as I’d forgotten them in the oven when taking this pic!)

Cheese and crackers and artichoke spread

Lots of raw veggies and dip


Frozen seedless grapes (seemed appropriate considering the weather!)

Avocado egg salad and olives on crackers

“Corndog” muffins (this recipe was helpful)

Two types of fruit salad – one with Jello, as a trifle, and one with canned fruit (I used a yogurt/Dreamwhip/chia pudding made with almond milk/cottage cheese/pudding mix base and added either Jello chunks or tropical canned fruit.  I got asked for the recipe several times so it must have been decent.)

For activities, I had planned two, thankfully, as the outside time didn’t quite materialize like hoped.  First we made paper bag puppets, after I used my “sample” puppet to tell the Easter empty tomb story. I’d found stickers with faces and mustaches and provided paint and glitter and I was happy to see the whole crowd get into it (kids aged up to 16).  While they did that, hubs went outside and hid plastic Easter eggs.  They went outside and had a blast in the mud finding the eggs.  I’d also found at the dollar store plastic “flowers” that were larger which were perfect.

easter egg hunt

See, we’d filled the eggs and flowers with candy, but it wasn’t candy for them to keep right away.  It was decorating candy.  I’d made a cake for each family (I’d used a large flower mold so we had lots of space on top, but it took a whole box of cake mix to make each), and I’d made an “empty tomb” for each cake out of chocolate rice crispies.  By the way, I used some Nutella and mint chocolate chips in the rice crispies and they were amazing!

rice crispie empty tomb and stone

Each family got a cake and an empty tomb.  Since I’d just told the Easter story, the kids knew the general layout of it and who was there (the guards, angels, women, and Jesus…well, he did show up later to chat with Mary!).  Then, they went to town decorating their cakes!

I’d made three colors of frosting.  It was cream cheese frosting and chocolate frosting, then I added a little green tea powder and two drops of green food coloring to a small part of the white frosting to make some green.  I put all the frosting into frosting bags and sealed one end with those plastic clips.  This worked perfect for little hands, when the time came to decorate I just cut off the tips and they squeezed away!  Then they decorated with the candy.  We’d opened all the eggs and pooled the candy on the two tables, so everyone could have a choice of decorations.  There were sour patch kids (they made appropriate zombie like guards), teddy bear cookies, twizzlers, mint “leaf” gummies, caramels, small chocolate chunk candies, sprinkles, and more.  Here’s an example of one cake, the kids all did such a good job!

empty tomb cake

Looking for other party ideas?  I’ve written up a few more here:

Science/Adventurer themed

Bug themed


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Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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