Camp cooking

We are camping in the trailer and have a potluck to go to tonight. As I am still setting up the stuff everywhere I was thinking of just picking something up on the way….but then I got inspired to make cornbread to go along with the store bought soup and decided to triple the recipe. Here is the original recipe:

I can never leave a recipe alone. I didn’t need this one to be GF so I added regular white flour. With my tripled amounts here are my changes:

1 c. Cornmeal

1/2 c. White flour

1/2 c. Coconut flour

1 c. Butter

1/3 c. Bacon fat

2/3 c. Coconut oil

2/3 c. Honey

1/3 c. Corn syrup

The other ingredients I just tripled. It was so soupy at 10 eggs I hesitated to do the whole 18 but I remembered how coconut sucks up the moisture so I went ahead and did it. Then I changed my mind and added a bit more flour, coconut flour and baking powder! I made 12 muffins and baked the rest in my cast iron roaster. I only added the vanilla to the pot. The muffins were done at 20 min @ 400. I covered the roaster for the first 20 min and then uncovered for 5-10 more since the top looked soggy.
The muffins definitely tasted more bacon-y.  The bread had a more vanilla taste. The texture was pretty good. Yum with butter! 🙂

About nathankathy

Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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