Summer Fun days

“Go Outside and Play!”  That’s been my standard line all day.  We’ve had Fall come upon us already, leaves falling, rain every day…until today.  Sunny and warm!  So we kicked the kids outside while we made chocolate birthday cakes.  They had a blast.  Apparently it’s a ton more fun playing on the trampoline when you use the watering can to make it wet.  🙂

Here is my mostly GF chocolate cake recipe.  We also made a cake from the box.  Can you tell which is which?

two chocolate cakes cooling on racks

Which one is GF?

Tomorrow we are going to decorate them.  I’m going to try to use marzipan (homemade) for the first time in my life, and Nathan is going to try to fix his box cake’s split personality.  😉

I’m aiming for a “castle” theme with my decorations.  I have some macha (green tea) powder which I am thinking will make an awesome moat mixed with frosting.  The kids want to know where the towers are….so hmm…may need to make some towers!  Good thing we just bought ice cream cones.  Whatever happens, I know “my” mostly GF cake at least won’t make the kids blood sugar go crazy.  😉

Will post pics if they aren’t a disaster.

Since life is in total upheaval, moving without a place to go, we acquiesed to child one’s request to go mini-golfing.  Hopefully some friends and family will be able to join us.  And, I don’t have to move all the half-packed boxes out of the way to party here.  It’s going to be more expensive, way more, but hey you only have a birthday once a year right?  And I think the lack of stress over hosting will be worth the money.

About nathankathy

Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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