The world is burning

There is nothing more primitively satisfying than making fire. “I make fire!” should be accompanied by chest thumping and grunting. I have discovered in this, our first year of needing fire to keep warm all winter, that making fire is not so simple as one might think. Paper, tinder, lighter, fire – right? Well we eventually discovered that our chimney was almost totally blocked. So part of my struggles could be chalked up to that. But N always seems to have an easier time of it. This handy little life-saving hack has evened the playing field. 

It is so simple to make.  All you need is an egg carton, dryer lint and a tea light candle. Stuff the egg compartments as full as you can with lint, take the wax or soy candle out of the metal and place on top. Melt on a cookie tray (covered with foil if you aspire to use it for anything else ever again. We now have a dedicated sheet just for this), oven at 250, until it is melted. Don’t don’t don’t forget it! Flammable!  🙂  When cool just cut the compartments apart, place one in the fire and light. Pure flame that lasts for 10 min or more, which is plenty of time to get a normal fire started (of course you need to add tinder and firewood). 

With the most recent Islamic terrorist attack in Nice, France, it might seem that the world itself is burning up. Sometimes I wonder if that primitive delight in fire is partially responsible for the apparent human desire to create chaos.  What are the most popular movies?  Ones featuring apocalyptic chaos. Zombies. Alien invasions. War.  Yet… Peace.  We all talk about it. Jews even greet each other with the word for peace and wellness in the world, Shalom. Yet we keep making great towers of civilization. ..only to burn them down again. I am talking on the human level not the individual, but it certainly plays itself out there too. A close family member was an abuse victim as a child. As an adult “they” made choice after choice to basically torpedo their own success. Every time things were going well, they did something foolish to ruin it. I know this is a common thing for victims of abuse but still. Why do we self destruct? 

I wrote this commentary on racism this week as the American nation again faces new onslaughts of “race” related violence. I think it applies.


Racism sucks. There is only one race. The human race. Racism itself, the idea of different races, was an evolutionist made up story to justify racism.  So that it made sense for the African slave trade to continue – because they were a lesser race.  You know what I have noticed? I have lived in a lot of places.  And racism is nothing more than a combination of fear and greed. Fear of losing economic benefits (and / or personal security) to a perceived threatening sub group.  And greed – to keep the status quo going if it benefits you.  Everyone is racist to some degree and we all need to admit it.  Immigrants?  Mexicans? Blacks? Asians? Jews? Muslims? Gentiles?  Whites? Foreigners? Christians? Liberals? Men?  Women? If you have ever jumbled all the people of one group together in your head under the idea that there is some kind of trait shared by all then you have done the same thing as the founder of racism.  The only true solution is Jesus. In him, all are equal, slave, master, male, female….all equal and equally valuable. As the Bible says He came to set us free from the sin that clings so closely. In Him we are truly united into one body, free to love each other as brothers and sisters because we share the one truly important trait – forgiveness of our sins, indwelt by the Holy Spirit of God himself, justified in the eyes of the one true Holy God and being conformed into His image daily until we are made perfect in Him. Becoming less racist should not be our goal, as Christians. We should strive to leave all clinging sins behind and cling to our Saviour alone.


Of course, the Bible says that the end of the world will come in flames. So I don’t think we can escape the fires. But, and here is the important part, we can be saved out of it.


About nathankathy

Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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