Creative catch-up

I forgot to post an experiment that was inspired by a talk during our FSJ trip. We were talking about how awesome “Monkey Bread” is, and wondered if it would be just as awesome if it was garlic butter bread? So here are the pics of my attempt:

Garlic Butter Pull Apart dough

Bread dough, in balls, dipped into garlic butter

And here is the finished product. The dough puffed up beautifully so the balls ended up being less buttery than I expected. So I served with a butter garlic dipping “sauce”:

Baked Garlic Butter Pull Apart Bread

Yum!  All ready for dinner!

So, it turns out, you can definitely make it. And it rocks!

The recipe is too simple to make a whole page for, just take bread dough (I do have bread dough recipes here), make into small balls and dip into garlic butter.  Use real minced garlic.  🙂  Then pile in and bake!

Another experiment that was delicious I put into a recipe here.  Stuffed wontons

It’s called “Dessert Bows” and it’s wontons stuffed with rice pudding, nutella or lemon curd and strawberries.  The leftovers made an awesome breakfast the next day:

Rice Pudding Dessert wth Strawberries, Cream and Lemon Curd

I may need to stop getting all creative in the kitchen for a while, as we have to move.  Again.  Our rental landlords decided they wanted to sell the house, despite giving us verbal assurance that they would not put it up for sale while we were renting it.  Sigh.  No new place yet!  Another sad note: Parfait cup cracked in the dishwasher.  Goodbye, parfait cup.  It was sweet having you around.

lemon curd yogurt granola parfait

Parfait with Lemon Curd, Granola and vanilla Yogurt



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Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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2 Responses to Creative catch-up

  1. You’re making my mouth water, Kathy!! Great idea with garlic monkey bread! I bet cheese bread would be nummy, too! Thanks for your blogs, I’ve been enjoying them all, and learning. Will be praying that you will find another home soon.

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