Easy peasy lemon squeezy

For some reason my kids started saying that one day and now it has entered the family dictionary. It’s silly but hey what can you say when skiddly rink a dink a dink comes back out of your mouth due to a wasted childhood? 😉

I am the leftovers queen.  I get to use my creative juices to figure out how to use up all those bits and pieces left over from Nathan’s stable dinner fare. Half a serving of potatoes, a chicken carcass, and some rice? I scrounge up some veggies and wham, a yummy nutritious soup.  Actually making a menu and sticking to it gives me anxiety. Because in the back of my head I’m secretly wondering, “but then what will happen to all the leftovers?” The him/dinner/me/lunch system works well for us but sometimes I have no leftovers to work with and I have to come up with something completely from scratch.

A recent dish this week was cheesy cauliflower and pork. When I processed all the cauliflower from our garden last week I chopped it up into very small pieces, did a quick partial steam on it and froze it. Now whenever I want cauliflower I just pull some out, steam it for a few minutes and it’s ready. The THM diet recommends using cauliflower as a starch substitute so I started trying to use it more often; however it’s not cheap around here so I was really excited when our cauliflower plants actually produced nice big heads of cauliflower (as a total cauliflower newbie I let it go too long, and it started trying to flower):

I whipped up a quick homemade cheese sauce that surprised me by turning out really good; from memory this is approximately what it had in it:

1/3 c. Sour cream

1/2 c. Milk

2 t. Corn starch

3/4 c. Shredded cheese

Salt and powdered garlic

I guess it would probably be an S meal according to THM. Mixed with the cauliflower it was a big hit! The baby had three servings of it and ignored his meat. It did a fine job of making the absence of pasta or rice not even noticeable.

The sunshine girl got her present of the month as cake or cookies (we give them a homemade scratch off sheet with 12 prizes at Christmas – each month of the year they get to scratch off one prize). I had fresh strawberries that were chopped up into little pieces and sugared, lemon curd from yesterday, and of course my favorite rice pudding because I’ve been making it regularly for months now. I didn’t have enough time to whip up an actual cake so I got some wonton wrappers out from the freezer. Since Nathan was cooking dinner using the deep fryer and the oven at the same time (fish and chips, homemade) I had to use the stove, so I made wontons with lemon curd, rice pudding and strawberries. I also made some with Nutella instead of lemon curd. A dollop of whipped cream finished it off.  It was good! And easy. Here is the recipe: Dessert Bows: Wontons Stuffed with rice pudding, Nutella or lemon curd, and strawberries


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Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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