Gluten free yummy cake experiment


Carrot Cake with Yogurt Cheesecake "Icing"

So I borrowed a book from the library to get to know the Gluten Free diet a bit better. We don’t need to be GF but I have been exploring reducing how much wheat we eat to see if it helps the kids learning disabilities.
The book is called gluten-free girl and the chef by the Ahern’s. She writes their love story through food. It is cute. There really are not a lot of sweet recipes but I learned quite a bit from the chef tips (the guy is a professional chef). For my 7 y.o.’s birthday I made the carrot cake recipe.  It turned out pretty good.
Recently I made some yogurt cheese. Nathan is working at a yogurt plant and the side benefit is free yogurt. To make yogurt cheese it is simple. Just drain yogurt. We leave the yogurt in a cloth covered strainer over a bowl for hours until it is as reduced/thick as we want. It is amazing how much it reduces! This yogurt cheese I had flavored with honey and vanilla. It was excellent with apple slices! 

So last night I made the carrot cake recipe again and when it was almost done I added my sweetened yogurt cheese/egg mix on top and baked it another 20-30 min. I have noticed that GF cakes tend to fall. This one might have had a chance if I hadn’t added the topping. But it made a rich, dense cake layer topped by a cheesecake “icing” – oh my what a pie as my kids would say. Rich, sweet, but not heavy. You don’t feel sick eating a slice like some super thick cheesecakes can make you feel.  Good as a breakfast or a dessert.  To up the sweetness  (I made it fairly light on sugar), adding a sauce on top would be easy as the cake creates a natural lip when it sinks down.


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Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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