Spring fling for a foodie

This was dinner:

plated stuffed salmon on rice with cucumber and sauce

Stuffed Salmon with Shrimp and Scallops over rice

I make no apologies.  It was delicious.  🙂  I combined it with a nut-spice milk roughly following a recipe from my Indian food cookbook, using milk, dates, nuts, milk kefir, sugar and ground spices (anise, fennel, pepper, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg…maybe something else…).  A little wild and sweet but tasty.

I’ve been on a “foodie” kick lately.  Been getting recipe books from the library…and reading them.  Call me a food nerd.  😉  Lately I’ve been enamoured of Lemon Curd (this is my all time favorite lemon curd recipe).  Mnnn.  Adding homemade lemon curd to my other new obsession, variations on rice pudding, is just SO Gooooooood….topped with a little granola, it’s breakfast!  Or in a parfait cup, with yogurt and granola:

lemon curd yogurt granola parfait

Parfait with Lemon Curd, Granola and vanilla Yogurt

Speaking of parfait cups, meet my new cup.  We were at a garage sale and I found this baby just waiting for me.  Only one…eh…I’m the parfait nut right now so we only need one!

Parfait cup has been busy:

chocolate chia rice pudding in a parfait cup

Chocolate Chia Rice Pudding

This was a fantastic experiment that worked!  But I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to repeat it.  I tried to make a smoothie with almond milk, dates, cocoa powder and protein powder.  Even with vanilla almond milk it was blah.  So I blended in leftover chocolate birthday cake.  Not exactly healthy – we’ll call it a dessert.  😉  It was a bit thick because I added in a small amount of chia (trying for the ice cream shake consistency) and the kids weren’t really into it.  So that night when I was making more rice pudding (my standard Rich recipe, but with Harvey’s Bristol Cream instead of whiskey) and I turned up short of rice to match the amount of custard, I got a little wild.  Since the rice pudding was soupy anyways, I added the leftover chocolate cake smoothie.  That made it way soupy so I added the rest of my chia (ha, see, I have NO idea how much I used here!) and stirred well and left it overnight.  I was so thrilled to find it all nice and thick and perfect in the morning!!  It tastes super by itself but when I warm it and throw a few mint chocolate chips into it, it’s absolutely decadent.

Now, it may appear like I’m the only one who cooks on this blog.  Not so.  In general, Nathan is the dinner cook unless I’m feeling wild and creative like tonight.  So I snapped a pic of a dinner this week to prove it:

pork steak cooking

I was pesco-vegetarian for 6 years so cooking red meat like this, where the blood comes out, still turns my stomach a bit.  So this kind of cooking is usually reserved for Nathan, who has pretty much mastered it.  🙂

Every week we drink green smoothies but I don’t post about it often.  I just finished reading a juicing book though, and it’s encouraged me to branch out a bit.  I’ve been using our garden fresh spinach and kale to juice, and even got brave enough to add some golden beets recently.  The book suggested a few more that I’m not sure I want to add yet – romaine lettuce, bok choy and watercress to name a few – but I’m encouraged to try to brave it out a little.  Now that our mint and lemon balm plants are well established, I’m throwing some leaves in every time.  Yum.

The only problem in reading up on this juicing movement is that I have become aware of a whole other range of juicing appliances.  Often called “cold-press” it’s a form of juicing that uses pressure instead of centrifugal force.  I want one.  Here’s one that gets good reviews….may have to start saving up (our Breville centrifugal one is still going strong after almost 8 years but this is making a strong argument for cold-press):

Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer – Black and Chrome

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Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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