Variations on a theme (Rice, that is)

I am, like everyone I suppose, a cyclical creature.  I go in surges.  Lately, I’ve been on a massive rice pudding surge.  I am just loving it!  I’ve put up my general Rich Rice Pudding recipe here but have been playing around with it too.  I’ve discovered adding in some cooked pudding mix works well, my latest attempt with that was for “Turtle” flavored rice pudding – butterscotch mix, plus homemade simple caramel and chopped pecans.  Mnnn.

Caramel Pecan Rice Pudding

This is like “Turtles” – Caramel and Pecan!

I’ve also found adding black Thai rice makes for purple rice!  This is a 1:3:1 mix of black Thai, Basmati and quinoa:

Purple Rice with Thai black rice, white basmati and quinoa

Purple Rice!

But my mainstay, that is my go-to dessert most nights, is regular rice pudding with a handful of chocolate chips thrown in when warm.  I really like mint chocolate, and find even a small handful of mint chocolate chips takes my rice pudding into decadent (dark chocolate chips work too):

Rice pudding with chocolate chips

Chocolate Chips Make a great flavor addition!

I’m just going to assume that a bowl full of rice with an egg heavy cooked custard and a few chocolate chips is better for my waistline than the equivalent of ice cream.  And it tastes just as great!

My original flavor was Rum Raisin, achieved with rum or rum flavor and raisins, with a splash of cinnamon.  Super good.  But I’m a chocolate lover primarily so most nights that’s my topping.  🙂

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Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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