Tropical home-sickness

While I don’t mind living in the further reaches of the Northern hemisphere, I’m a tropical girl at heart.  So when it gets bad and I long for the tropics, I find myself buying tropical fruit.  Never a cheap option, but this time of the year it’s “cheaper” than normal – these mangoes were only $1 each instead of $3 each.  I found some guavas on sale too, that smelled just lovely and reminded me so much of Maui, so I bought them and decided to make jam.  See, with our family, fruit just doesn’t last.  If I want to enjoy a flavor for more than a day, I have to can it.

That’s why my jam recipes on here are so tropical; take my Stawberry Guava jam or my Golden Banana Kiwi jam.  This time, I decided to make (regular) Guava, Mango and Banana jam although I used some juice that had golden kiwis and mangosteen in it too, and of course there’s always the apple juice.  🙂

Tropical guava, mango, banana jam on toast

I love mangoes, always have, always will.  It was heartening to see that I’ve passed that on to my kids at least.  As I was peeling the mangoes to put into the jam I had all the kids surrounding me waiting to suck the last goodness off the mango seeds or skins.  Mmmn.

Now I can wait a bit longer before giving in to the tropical fruit aisle at the store.  🙂



About nathankathy

Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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