Curry Stew, Katherine Style

I’m a big fan of curries.  It’s something that has literally taken me years to perfect.  I find Indian food to be my “comfort food” since I was a pesco vegetarian for six years, 2 of which I spent in Asia where the only truly trustably vegetarian food was Indian, and so it was mostly what I ate while out.  Now that I cook for the kids, I have had to tone my curries down quite a bit.  But I think it gives a better chance to really taste all the flavors in the stew, so I don’t really miss the heat.  Funny story – once I was eating a curry in the lunch cafeteria, and mistook a super hot pepper for a vegetable.  Ate it whole….before my awful mistake became horribly apparent!  Well!  Let’s just say I hope to never again experience that dreadful feeling where my body lets me know very clearly that it thinks I’m trying to poison it!!  I literally couldn’t breathe!  And I immediately started hiccuping violently….Ha!

I enjoy many different kinds of foods so my curries generally reflect that.  I was going to write up my “curry” recipe but I really don’t have just one.  And the world is full of good curry recipes, just try googling it!  So I decided to write a couple of versions.  This curry took more than a note from Chinese cooking, with shitake mushrooms and tofu, see recipe here:


Whereas today’s lunch built on the weekend’s leftovers.  Nathan had made his signature (I’ll have to get that recipe up soon) Honey Mustard Curry Chicken, multi-colored cauliflower (purple and orange!) and peas for his mom’s birthday dinner.  I had made Profiteroles for dessert:


So for lunch today I defrosted a pork roast, added leftovers, curried it all up into a stew with some potatoes and then served in muffin-sized profiteroles.  Yummy! I’m calling it Katherine’s Western-Indian Curry.


I recently borrowed an Indian cookbook from the library, and call me a foodie/cultural geek, but I am loving reading through it!  I haven’t tried too many of the recipes yet, as it’s so authentic each recipe needs at least five ingredients I don’t have on hand!  But we went to a great local Indian restaurant last week and eating good Indian food prepared by those who know what they are doing was absolutely inspiring…so I’ve renewed the book at the library and am going to get to some of them soon!  We counted the Indian restaurant as cultural for homeschooling (we just finished studying ancient India) and I’m not sure the kids have had a more favorable opinion on anything homeschool related!  😉

Here it is at Amazon if you want to give it a look:

Complete Book of Indian Cooking: 350 Recipes from the Regions of India

660 Curries


About nathankathy

Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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