Brad Treliving is the General Manager (GM) for the Calgary Flames and has been since 2014. He was a defense player himself (stats).  The previous GM, Jay Feaster, left in some disgrace.  After Darryl Sutter took the team from the depths (2002) to the heights of fame as coach during the Stanley Cup Finals in 2004, he made some key mistakes as GM, and Calgary floundered.  In a period of re-build now, Treliving has been watched closely to see if he can make the deals necessary to make Calgary a contender.

The most recent deals have traded off veterans who were going to be unrestricted free agents (3 of the 4) for “picks and prospects.”  The fans are loving it.  Since Calgary is not going to make the Stanley Cup playoffs this year, and the veterans would likely have needed a higher paycheck next year, this move places Calgary in a good position to continue the rebuild.  Calgary hasn’t had many well-positioned draft picks in recent years; this upcoming season it looks like they might be picking in the top draft rounds via lottery.  Treliving recently announced that “We’re going to cheer like crazy for the Dallas Stars” because if Dallas wins their conference, Calgary will be getting a second first round draft pick.

Three of the upcoming prospects that Calgary might have a shot at are: Patrik LaineJesse Puljujarvi, and Auston Matthews. Even Sportsnet agrees on those three being the top.

Calgary needs right wing and defense for the draft, and a good goalie. With Treliving’s recent deals coming up like roses, and top players like Johnny Gaudreau choosing to work with Calgary instead of another team, fans are beginning to hope that the rebuild under Treliving will result in player depth and numbers.

This season hasn’t gone as well as hoped, due primarily to bad goaltending and young players (more on that another day), and Calgary needs all the help it can get in new talent.  Treliving, keep up the good work!


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Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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