One World Play Project


Isn’t she cute?  I just got an email from the One World Play Project that they have just rolled out a smaller version of their soccer (futbol, or football) ball.

As a blogger, I see it as a responsibility to not only write about the stuff that pays, but also about companies that are doing just plain good work.  I’m not getting any money for this blog post.

I have been a fan of the One World project since hearing about it shortly after they started up.  We ordered one of their original balls for the kids.  Essentially, it’s a ball that self-inflates.  That means that in places where children’s toys are short lived because of things like barbed wire (imagine refugee camps), these balls will keep going…and going…and going!  We tried our ball out on our pit mix dog.  I think I even took some video of her playing with it once.  With her powerful jaws, she easily punctured it over and over.  And yet that sucker re-inflated!  She loved it!  And it was a ball that all the kids enjoyed playing with as well, volleyball or soccer.

And get this.  For every ball you buy, they donate one to some kid who needs it.  Seriously.

That’s why their button is “Buy and Give” – cuz that’s what you do, every single time.

You can also just donate a ball if you don’t want one yourself!

They’ve come out with four colors now, instead of just blue.  I’m thinking this pink one will be on our shopping list!


We have continued a tradition of home-made scratch off prize sheets from last year, described here.  This month our 1.5 year old got “a new toy” for his prize.  That’s why I’m hoping to get the smaller sized ball.  It’s so cute, and should be just right for my roly-poly head-banging toddler.  I’m also planning on giving it as a new baby gift.  What a great toy!

I heartily recommend this company.  Support them if you can!  🙂

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Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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