This post is to introduce Nathan as our Hockey correspondent.  He has been a hockey fan since birth….of course…he is Canadian!  He is a long time supporter of the Calgary Flames, and probably, given his loyalty streak that’s a mile wide, will be so unto death.  He has weathered the high times of the 80’s and the low times….any other time.  He used to play hockey, although he says poorly, as a youth and owned the entire EA NHL video game series up to a few years ago.

Nathan loves to analyze.  It’s what makes him an amazing theologian and church historian, what has made him the improver of efficiency in most of his past jobs, and what he brings to the hockey commenting table.  He is not a huge fan of predictions based on statistics alone, although he sees its validity.  In my opinion, hockey is just as much about emotion as it is about skill.  Nathan says that the chemistry and role playing in a team transcends the mere numbers at times.

Nathan doesn’t pay as much attention to the other teams in the league, although he is familiar with most of the major players.  He does have time limitations as the homeschooling father of six, after all.  But he is a steadfast enemy of the Edmonton Oilers and loves it when the Vancouver Canucks lose to Calgary, as they so often seem to.  He followed the California teams as a nod to local “talent” when we were in SoCal, and has taken the kids to the Nanaimo Clippers games several times to introduce them to hockey.  I have to admit, I’m a Philistine when it comes to hockey – I can barely keep track of the puck let alone tell what play the offense or defense is making.  I prefer “futbol” or soccer as it’s called in N America.  So anything about hockey from here on in is going to be Nathan’s opinions.  We hope you enjoy!


About nathankathy

Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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