Light – I need more!

I’ve been discovering with my photography that even outside, my Pentax K10D could use quite a bit of help in lower light situations.  I’ve gotten a couple of reflectors, and am looking into external flashes next.

It seems to me, an amateur photo bug for years, that wireless is the way to go.  But of course that’s more expensive!

One of my cheaper hacks for light at home (I’ll see if I can get a pic) has been two-fold.  One is a child’s umbrella, made of clear plastic, which I have lined with white paper.  I take my interior lamp, just a standard one, and arrange the umbrella to bounce the harsh light from the lamp onto the umbrella and then onto my subject.  It works!

The second hack is re-purposing an old toy!  I found an old Lite Brite at a thrift store.  I took off the black mesh and voila!  A good spot light!  It takes page-sized papers.  Since I happen to have IRLEN pages (they help the kids read pages, and come in a variety of colors), I can put a variety of colors on and change the spotlight!
If anyone wants to buy me any gear….;) :

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About nathankathy

Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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