Cheap Christmas Gifts


Need more gifts than you have the cash for?  Well, we do, so I thought I’d share one of the things we’re doing for the kids this Christmas.  It’s a spin off of our chore reward boards, details here.

Here is one of the pages we made.  I think it is pretty self-explanatory.  Once a month each kid gets to scratch off one prize and use it during that month.  “Daddy makes” is shorthand for Daddy will make something for the child, i.e. build them a Lego castle (a big request around here as Daddy IS the master builder 😉 ).  O + B are grandparents.  And Master for the night is where they will get to choose what the family does for one night that month.

This way it’s a surprise every month, and we get to spread out the cost of gifts.  Getting six children a $15 present would take $90 which is a lot right now but spread out over the year?  Totally doable.  🙂

Giving gifts to your kids doesn’t have to be expensive!  Half of these ideas came from our kids in the past, and they reflect the kids’ main concerns:  spending one on one time with a parent, and getting a special treat nobody else gets.  Kids.  🙂

Another cheap Christmas present I’ve made already for the kids is bath bombs (pictured).  These are pretty cheap and easy to make and are totally customizable, plus they make life easier and sweeter!  Kids love their baths and the lavender essential oils is (theoretically) calming and soporific, plus here during winter it helps getting a little oil on their skin regularly.  Here’s a rough recipe:

2 parts baking soda

1 part citric acid

coconut oil (I use about 1 T. to 1 C. mix of above)

1 part Natrasorb (modified tapioca starch that holds oil like lavender and helps it to work in the bath)

Epsom salts as desired, up to 1/3 part

essential oil(s): lavender is the only one I’d use for kids’ skin.  For myself I add up to 1% of some of the skin-safe ones like rosemary bourbon (rose-y smell).

Use 100% alcohol if you can get it, and put into a spritzer; witch hazel also works.  Dampen dry ingredients when they are well mixed until mixture clumps into a ball and stays in a ball.  Then pack as tightly as possible into a mold.  I’ve heard freezing the mold for 10 minutes helps.  Then gently removed the bombs from the mold and place on a cookie sheet somewhere to finish “hardening.”  Once hardened they’re good to save for however long you want!

egg bath bombs

I used an egg container for the above molds, it makes cute egg shaped bombs that smell great!  Keep them on the counter to make your bathroom naturally deodorized!

* Please note: NOT all essential oils are safe for the skin, and having them in a bath can theoretically increase skin absorption!  Please consult EO safety materials before putting _any_ into a bath with you or your littles.  Thanks!

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Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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