Moving Happiness

We have just finished moving from Southern California to Vancouver Island, Canada.  It’s been a loooong month.

The trip itself took about a week and a half, since we had some family gatherings.  We were the grateful recipients of Christian hospitality and at least one flies-in-the-face-of-reason, God-thing (the last day, our hitch for the trailer didn’t get on properly although it seemed locked; it stayed that way for over 350 miles of dangerous roads until right before our destination, when it calmly popped off on a safe side road…right in front of strangers who turned out to be MacGuyvers in disguise, who got it all fixed well enough for us to all make the ferry crossing in time!).  It was exhausting, and painful (for me at 8 plus months of pregnancy to sit for so long), but we made it.

Then we spent 3 weeks trailering it at Nathan’s parents place while looking for a place to live and a job to support us.  It took right until the very end of my “Ok, now it’s time to panic because I am going to have a BABY” level.  Why does God do that sometimes?  Yet, when we finally found a place to live, it was so clearly orchestrated by God – the landlord had been looking for a while but some kind of computer “glitch” made it so that almost everyone else’s inquiries that he responded to were never answered, until us.  And this in a rental climate where for every house on the market about 20-50 people respond (according to landlords) and houses disappear off the market sometimes in the same day they are listed.  Yet here we are, and in the last week we have been realizing how blessed we are in this placement.

First, God gave us all our “needs” in the house.  Enough bedrooms?  Check.  Fenced yard?  Check.  No carpet?  Check.  And not just that, but our “wants” as well.  _Two_ bathrooms???  Check!  View of the backyard from the main living area?  Check.  Stairs? (one of the kids said this was necessary) Check.  A garden area, already growing things?  Check, and don’t forget the mature apple, cherry and pear trees!  A place close enough so Nathan wouldn’t have to spend sick amounts of money on gas commuting ($5.50 a gallon???), check.  Second, not just our needs and wants, but also extra special little gifts.  The view is great.  We are in Nanaimo, in the Departure Bay area, and we have a sunroom and deck with a view of the Bay.  We’ve never lived in a house with a view before.  It’s nice!  And, we are discovering the distinct advantages of having a sunroom off the dining room…where the children can eat by themselves…;)  The house also has gas forced air heating, which Nathan says will be very nice in the cold humid winter and is apparently quite unusual for at least parts of the island (and much cheaper than the norm, which is electric baseboard heating – other places we looked at renting said to assume electric bills of $200plus a month!).  It is an older house, and even has a laundry chute from the bathroom to the downstairs laundry!  How cool is that??

So we are considering ourselves very blessed.  And not only that, but it looks like Nathan will be gainfully employed at a job he likes doing with (hopefully soon, right now it starts part time) decent hours, working with nice people.

So, the only thing left to stress over is having baby.  My ultrasound due date was yesterday, and the LMP date is in two days.  Yes…I have been stressing.  My nest is finally taking shape but delivering here has been a great big unknown.  But after taking a hospital tour this morning (the hospital is only 3 blocks away!), I am feeling much better.  If I were to count the ways this hospital, and this health care delivery, was improved over my experience in California I would probably sound very snarky and/or make my California girlfriends jealous, so I will leave it at:  It’s better.  A lot.  🙂

After such a seemingly long time of praying and not seeing results, being on the other end of God’s lavish grace and earthly gifts is making me feel very spoiled. “Oh ye of little faith!” indeed.  I am writing it all down so that next time, when the future is grim and God seems to be taking a long time to answer, I can remember how good He really is.  🙂


About nathankathy

Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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One Response to Moving Happiness

  1. Yvonne & Johnny says:

    Praise the Lord! We are extremely happy and excited for you–what a wonderful, loving, giving, caring, generous Father we have!! Thanks for sharing!!

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