Eyes to See

Just like just about every other morning, you wake up and get the kids some breakfast.  Your husband has already left because at this time of the year, his work requires early hours.  You finish the breakfast cleanup, send the kids to get ready for school, and enjoy a minute with your littlest before scooting the rest out the door so that they’re not late.  Then you head out the door yourself to get some work done before lunch.  After lunch, you get the toddlers to bathe and start dinner preparations; your husband arrives home and rests a bit before dinner, and you smile as you listen to your kids practicing soccer outside….and if you were to count your blessings, then healthy children, a hardworking husband, enough food for everyone, enough money to send the kids to school… these things would be at the top of your list.

This sounds a lot like a day a mom here in California could have.  In its essence, it is a mother’s day around the world.  In Cameroon, where we spent two weeks in February for our vision trip, it might be a typical day for a village woman.  Except the details…your husband is working hard to get the cocoa trees ready for the upcoming harvest; your kids are among the academically better-off in the village to be able to attend the private school, because the public school teachers might ..or might not.. show up to teach; you’re strapping your baby to your back to get some land cleared, by hand with a machete, to prepare for the coming rainy season; your toddlers bathe naked in front of your house with a bucket because that is where the water is…and so on.

One of the prayer requests God answered for us during our “vision” trip was to see the people.  When we first arrived, we were overwhelmed by all the strange faces.  We were followed by children crying “White man!  White man!”  It was easy to feel like Cameroonians were about as similar to us as Martians.  Yet, after living in the village a week, eventually we were able to “see” – the people there are people just like us.  Children disobey in church just like mine.  Women and men work hard to keep “body and soul” together there too.  And that comforts me because in God’s time, our little family will be living there too… 🙂

About nathankathy

Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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2 Responses to Eyes to See

  1. I’m glad that your trip went well for you, even though there is much culture shock to deal with, but like you said you eventually saw them just like yourself with problems, challenges and the need to care for family, get food on the table etc.–mankind is so similar no matter where we live, even though there are different levels and means to reach the same goals. All in all we all have the same need for a Saviour and there is only One who can meet this need in Jesus who is THE Way, THE Truth and THE Life no matter where we live. An awesome thought. Thank you Jesus. We are grateful that you and Nathan are willing to go to the Cameroon to share this truth with our eventual brothers and sisters there.

  2. David Braun says:

    Encouraging words and a wonderful perspective. Thanks for sharing. We are also praying that we can ‘see’ the people in Cambodia rather than the heat and infamiliarity and dust and noise.

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