This post will probably be a little of everything, ergo “potpourri” (and ps, was I the only one shocked to discover that word has a “t” in it?? 😉 ).

“These are a few of my favorite things…” – besides that song, my favorite from the movie, I just want to say: plain Greek yogurt with chocolate (fudge or Nutella) and having a soft kitten on your lap as you type – definitely on my list!

Saw this tonight and it just got me stewing: Delaware has approved a law that makes a parent causing their child “pain” an offense punishable by 1 or 2 years in jail (wouldn’t that, theoretically, cause the child psychic pain at least?!?).  What they did is redefine child abuse to include causing pain.

The thoughts that come up with this….What parent can possibly NOT cause their child pain at some point??  I’m thinking of those days when that diaper rash was so bad, I was almost crying as hard as the baby as I wiped that red bum….but should I have stopped and let the crap stay on there??  What about pulling bandaids off – what level of pain are we talking here?  As I grab my kids’ arm to pull them out of oncoming traffic, if it hurts, would I be violating their law??  And what about kids causing their parents pain (I know I’m not the only one to have witnessed another persons’ kid slapping their mommy in the face)?  And other kids causing kids pain?  If the entire state’s worth of children grow up pain-free (as seems to be the intent behind the logic of the law), what then – when they hit adulthood, are they to be guaranteed a painless life?  Obviously not!

Clearly, the intent or reason behind causing a child pain is vital to judging whether or not it is abuse.  Obviously!  I will be the first to say that causing a child pain for the joy of it is sick and depraved.  But unless Delaware is full of sadistic parents, I suspect that the vast majority of parents there love their children; and if they are currently causing their children pain, they are doing it with the intention of doing it for their own benefit.  Yes, it is a cliche, but “This is for your own good” is also (if used in the sense of spanking after a child has done something pretty wrong) true!  It is for a child’s own good to learn that actions like hitting others, running into the street without looking, provoking and/or verbally abusing another, and the myriad other daily reasons a parent might want to spank their child, are wrong!   It is beneficial to the child to learn this, outweighing by far the momentary sting of a spanking (again, not talking about child abuse here, that is unequivocally wrong).

I just have to say – this change in Delaware’s law is just plain dumb.  I certainly hope it gets overturned or changed.

All right…on to other things….

Oh, I promised to report on our little room-cleaning experiment. We instituted it Saturday night. Sunday is a day we normally wouldn’t have had the kids do that chore anyways…but on Sunday, some neighborhood boys came over to play.  Jonathan’s room was not clean (and by the new rule, therefore he wasn’t supposed to have friends over).  I mentioned this to him and he promised to clean it as soon as his friends were gone.  He did!  Then as the girls were getting ready for bed, I reminded them that there would be no bedtime story (they’d missed one the night before already) b/c of their dirty floor…and so in about 20 minutes they had their whole floor cleaned up!  So we had a nice time of reading all together.  Monday – messy floor; but cleaned at one point because I had promised Sophia she could invite a neighbor girl over if she cleaned (girl couldn’t come but floor was cleaned).  Today, messy floors and we were out at night for our weekly “date” – going together to a class at the seminary on prayer.  😉  So no stories, and no cleaning.

Results are not clear yet.  Will keep monitoring.  😀


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Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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