Experiment of Freedom

So we are experimenting on our children.  Should be interesting!

This particular experiment resulted from a frustrating day where our 3 girls were given 7 hours to pick up their room, and still hadn’t done it (or rather, did it half way and then messed it up again and again) by bedtime…so they lost their “chore prize” for the week.

We have been requiring them to have their floors picked up as a morning chore Monday-Saturday for about 3 months now.  Hopefully that is long enough to make it a habit?  Except it doesn’t seem to be working…ergo the experiment.

We have told them that we are removing “cleaning their rooms” as a chore.  They can leave their rooms in any condition they want to.  Some caveats: they must be dressed in clean clothes in the morning; if they want clean clothes they must deliver dirty clothes to the washing machine themselves; they cannot have friends come over and visit if their rooms are dirty; Mommy and Daddy absolutely will NOT be helping them clean their rooms in any way; and they don’t get bedtime stories if I can’t walk to their beds at night (trust me, this one is pure self (or foot)-preservation!).  I may add “no chore reward at the end of the week” if their rooms are still dirty, but I haven’t yet.

I have to admit, I’m curious as to what will happen.  I think we’ll give it a couple of weeks at least.  One of our children is actually fairly good at cleaning already (she gets very frustrated with her sisters at cleaning time, all 3 share a room).  I wonder if they will just live as merry little pigs in their pigsties, or if they will exert some kind of self-determination and clean on their own.  I wouldn’t be doing this experiment if I didn’t already know from the experience of the past 3 months that they can ALL clean their rooms within 10 minutes flat if they are really motivated (ice cream??;) ).

Hmmn.  Will keep y’all updated.  😀


About nathankathy

Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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