Hoarding and Rage

(I wrote this a few weeks ago to vent but wanted to give myself some time to make sure I wanted to make it public…so nothing like this happened today, on Mother’s Day!  My beautiful little hoarders brought me breakfast in bed and made me cards.  🙂

If you had passed my van this morning you would have seen me violently fling a nickel out of the window.  Why??  This morning I flew into a mommy rage.   It’s days like these that I almost despair of Christ reaching my kids’ hearts and I *almost doubt that He is in charge of mine.  How would a nickel cause all that, you may be asking…if you don’t have kids.  Today a nickel caused a fight between two of my four little hoarders.  They love hoarding pocket change and make little stashes of them and pillage each others’ stashes and scream and hit and fight and argue…over pennies. So today the nickel went out the window and possession of a piece of money became a punishable offense.  I am now going to be throwing away every single one I find.

Yet of course I know this isn’t even remotely going to the heart of my kids hoarding ways.  How do you explain to a 4, 6, 7 yr old that having Christ is true riches, that they don’t need to save and hoard and fight over this world’s treasures which rot away?  Even adults can’t seem to grasp that.  I am stumped.  But til by some miracle of grace I know what to do or say I am going to just banish money.  I bet you never knew a nickel could cause such trouble, huh?  Neither did I!

PS – Nathan says I sound like a communist.  I’m not – we tried that – communism doesn’t work!  The communal penny jar just served as the target for greedy little hands, it didn’t give them any solidarity!  😛

About nathankathy

Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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One Response to Hoarding and Rage

  1. David Braun says:

    Great post, I completely understand the insanity of possession! I too have thrown things out the window while we were driving, to include an empty juice box the kids were fighting over. It was awesome.

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