New life

ultrasound for 12 weeks

This is the newest Born child.  I got to see all the flutter kicks and bones and heart last week.  😀 😀 This pic shows the spine and head, although it didn’t scan too well.  According to measurements this was taken at 12.0 weeks, which is right in the middle of my two estimates.  That makes the due date Nov. 6th.

Everybody asks how I’m feeling – which is one of the nice things about being pregnant.  You get so much attention.  😛  I’m feeling fine!  Thanks.  🙂  Still pretty tired but except for one bad day last week, most of the nausea seems to be passing.  When he can Nathan lets me sleep in or take a nap which makes life so much more liveable.  😛  Don’t look at my house tho’!  I heard a great quote that I’m tempted to hang at my front door:

“If you’re coming to see me, come anytime.  If you’re coming to see my house, make an appointment!”

That’s from a good movie Nathan and I watched last week called “Fresh” – about current farming practices and the sustainability of alternative methods (available on Netflix).  I’m sold!  Who wouldn’t want to eat the food made at a farm where pigs and cows and chickens all have enough space and fresh food to make them fat n happy?  Looking at the pics of the feed lots they had almost made me want to hurl.  That does NOT look appealing!  Especially revealing was the farmer’s story of being injured by one of his pigs (while he was following standard practices of low-dose antibiotics) who almost lost his life because a super strain of staph infected his body – a super strain he had basically created by his farming practices.  After being saved by radical experimental drugs, he killed his whole herd and started over, using no antibiotics on his new herd but instead following alternative practices.  He hasn’t had sickness (in his herd) in years!  Not so amazing when you remember disease flourishes in crowded conditions.  Another comment, by a scientist, that was really surprising but interesting: alternative methods are actually cheaper and produce more food than standard practice (for a mid-sized farm).  Who would have thought that?  🙂  I guess I should say – I don’t qualify as a health nut.  I do believe that the Bible calls us “stewards” of the earth and so it makes sense commonly and spiritually to use the earth in the most ethical and sustainable manner.  And I also believe that the only real vote we as consumers have is with our dollar, so it makes sense to support local sustainable farms rather than the mega-corps, if possible.  😀

We just got back from a quick walk at Daley Ranch, just around the corner for us but in the “hills.”  It’s a busy place on Saturdays, everybody and their dog is out riding or walking or biking.  We borrowed a neighbors’ two pups for the walk, which kept the kids’ whining down to a very tolerable level – plus we kept the walk short.  I think my kids need walks as much as dogs!  😛  They’d veg in front of the tv or computer all day if they could some days.  Other days they’re Indians or Pirates or Princesses in the back yard – I just love watching that.  I grew up mostly without kids my age around and I am so glad we have lots!  We had a “pre-nup” agreement that four was the best number – 3 is bad, 2 is too little, so we decided 4 would work.  Now that we’re expecting #5 the kids are SOOO excited!  Jonathan (#1) has been practicing doing diapers by doing Amara’s (#4) occasional diaper.  Sophia (#3) keeps asking me if I’m having the baby tomorrow.  She’s anxious.  Eliana (#2) loves looking at the “what baby looks like at week __” picture I change on the fridge every week.  I think I might have to fight my own kids to have time with my newborn!! 😀  I really believe most kids are pro-kid, something that people who worry about “But if we have another, child #1 (or 2) will suffer! (lack of attention?)” have completely backwards.  Kids want playmates, and mommies – and mommies/daddies do not HAVE to be their kids only playmates.  Siblings really do work better than trying to fill all your child’s needs by yourself.  Ok, off my soapbox.  😛

That’s all that’s up with us – oh, and Nathan is going completely nuts trying to finish 5 papers before he starts studying for 4 finals.  We are so gonna party the last weekend in May!!!  😀

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Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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  1. glenda says:

    Congrats on your baby!! glad you are doing well and rest up-

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