Pregnancy Cravings

We’re just finishing a week of nasty head colds, all six of us, and so mealtimes have been almost completely uninteresting to any of us until about today.  Today everybody ate, just a little.  I made the family turkey sandwiches for lunch, and since turkey (and bacon and ground pork, not to mention beef which has been off the menu since 1993ish) have made it onto my “cannot eat” list this pregnancy, I made myself some comfort food.  Frozen dinner Indian curried peas and chickpeas and rice.  MMMnnnn.

I rarely get to indulge in my love for vegetarian Indian food because usually somebody in the family complains.  Surprisingly, they all like curry, but not always the way I make it.  😉  I discovered this love while attempting to live and eat vegetarian (pesco-veg) in Singapore….let me just say that many Singaporean chef’s understanding of “vegetarian” is “no _large_ chunks of meat floating around!”  Whereas in Indian culture vegetarianism has religious signifigance and is therefore taken very seriously…no meat PERIOD…so I ate a large amount of yummy Indian food while in S’pore.

So when I was sick and shopping yesterday, and Nathan had instructed me to buy comfort food for the family, I stocked up on chips and soda for them…and frozen curry for me.  It was such a nice lunch!  My favorite foods…eaten without hearing anybody else complain about it!!  😀

I’m actually beginning to enjoy my “pregnancy diet.”  Other treats I’ve been indulging in: mint tea “float” (w/ ice cream), chocolate yogurt (see my recipes link if you want the recipe), carrot pumpkin chocolate chip muffins with chocolate cream cheese (a new item at the store, like nutella and cream cheese together…yummm)… yes.  I’m eating rather unusually.  But I may continue this diet after baby comes!!

About nathankathy

Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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  1. The mint tea float sounds amazing!!

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