The Christmas Card Phenomenon

We must be settled down here in SoCal now – we’re actually getting quite a few Christmas cards!  Well, make that Christmas photos.  Apparently the current fashion is to mail people a cute picture of your family without an accompanying letter.  Now I’m not complaining, my fridge is getting covered in cuteness! – but I treasure those letters that tell me exactly what I’ve been missing in my friend’s life over the last year.   I guess it’s the natural result of the Christmas letter phenomenon.  After all, if the friendship is so tenuated that you have no idea of what’s going on in their life anyways, it’s really an acquaintanceship; and sending an acquaintance your family photo is actually really nice!  Moving every two-three years has many ups and downs, but for me the changing of friendships into acquaintanceships is really the hardest part, and it’s most obvious at Christmas.  I really don’t like letting go.  That’s probably why I keep making a family newsletter every year and sending it to everyone, whether we’ve seen them in the last 3 years or not.  Just stubborn.  😛  I’ll be putting our 2011 newsletter up here…as soon as I write it!!  😉

Other news…we are now dogless again.  We adopted Milly in October, since we just didn’t seem to function well without a dog.  But we really had no idea of what we were getting into, going from an obedient middle-aged Sheltie to a stubborn Pit-mix puppy.  If you know dogs, you’re probably laughing now.  I think we all gave it a real go, but Milly just wasn’t the dog for our family.  Probably the clincher for me was that after 2 months of training, she was still biting the kids.  Not hard, but she just couldn’t seem to stop.  And in my mommy book, dog (continually) biting child is kinda one of those unforgiveable sins.  Piddling on my floor at least once a day was the workup to the clincher.  So we put up an ad, since we didn’t want to take her back to the shelter, and yesterday God answered our prayers!  A super nice, single (strong!) guy came and fell in love with her.  I know she’s in a much better situation now.  =D

Bye Milly!

pit mix puppy


About nathankathy

Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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