Sweet Success

wagon full of foodWell, it happened.  Last year’s record of 70 pounds of food collected during Halloween to donate to our local food bank was totally blown out of the water.  Tonight we collected 120 pounds of food!!  You can see our messy garage in the photo because I couldn’t move the wagon!  Its’ wheels are completely flattened by the weight!  And all from just 30 houses!!

You’d think we live in a rich area, wouldn’t you??  But we don’t…in fact, one of the poorest neighborhoods in Escondido that still has single family houses.  One of our neighbors said, when I went around last week with a note explaining that we would be collecting today, that as she was a senior on such a limited income she didn’t think she could donate.  You know what?  She had a bag for us today.  Really.  Don’t worry, she won’t be going hungry, we dropped off a good load of food for her, somewhat to her embarrassment.  🙂  (the pile in the wagon photo should actually be bigger!)  In today’s world of stress and need and “I deserve more so I’m just going to shout loud on tv til I get it” our little street proved, at least to me, that all is not dark.  The light in the world can seem very dim – but it is there.  Praise the Lord, the Father of light.  :D!!!


About nathankathy

Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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