Eczema help

My third child suffers from eczema, and I’ve tried it all.  I just tried a new thing, and the results are so promising that I decided to share it online in color with y’all.

(PS – I have been perfecting a skin lotion based on emu oil since this experiment, and have made it available for sale on etsy, click here if you are interested: The Spunky Monkey’s Skin Food)

Background: She’s now 4 (as of yesterday!) and we’ve lived in sunny Southern California the last year, in the middle of the Canadian prairies the previous three years of her life.  All my kids seem to have inherited the psoriasis/eczema of my in-laws but only this one suffers badly from it.  When we moved to SoCal the worst area (her arms at the elbow) were pretty awful, but cleared up!  I thought that the climate had fixed all her woes.  Then about springtime she started scratching again, and it didn’t clear up.  I don’t like putting the steroid hydrocortisone on her all the time, so we tried all kinds of non-medicated lotions.  No help – plus some of them made her cry that they hurt her.  So after several months of waiting for it to go away, I decided to try one more thing.  I’d heard of emu oil before, while researching lotion ingredients, and decided to pay the $25 for 4 oz of the stuff.  I took before pics to see if there was any difference:

with eczemawith eczema

Since she’s so young, she just scratches herself bloody.  Ouch.

We treated her arm with a drop of emu oil (from the not-quite-attractive looks like an ostrich bird) once a day.  She actually allowed it because the emu oil didn’t hurt!  This is what it looks like after 4 weeks:

with little sign of eczema

As you can see, much better!  It’s clearly not a quick-acting help, it did take weeks of not-quite every day use, but I’m excited!!  I am not getting any money from anybody to post this, but if there are any other parents or sufferers of this annoying skin irritation, I wanted you to hear a real unbiased result.  😀

PS – update as of 4/25/12 – Her arm has remained at about this level, slightly better, but I wouldn’t call her eczema “healed”.  The skin is still very dry and easily damaged.  So I used emu oil to make up a super-goodness filled skin cream (I’ve been puttering in my kitchen with lotions/creams/bath stuff for years) and that seems to give her skin the oil it needs and the water it needs (although most of the “water” is actually aloe vera).  I have a few jars of the cream left (after selling most at Christmas) and sell them for $5 if anybody is interested.  My family has told me the cream has healed burns and skin outbreaks quickly too, which isn’t too surprising given emu’s lauded properties.

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7 Responses to Eczema help

  1. Isabel says:

    i am also a eczema sufferer, tried everything. would scratch my self raw it drove me nuts i would try bandage up my arms because i was scratching in my sleep too… can totally relate to ur daughter and i am 26! i have just come across emu oil and today is my first day of trying it. i just hope as well as clearing it up that it doesnt return. how has it been in the last 9 months? did the eczema return after clearing the oil cleared it up? really interested in a update. thanks, isabel.

    • nathankathy says:

      Hi Isabel! I sure hope the emu oil works wonders for you. After Sophia’s arm got better, she has had months of no really bad breakouts. However, the skin in the area still tends to get dry and I wouldn’t call it “healed” just in abeyance. I made up a skin lotion with emu oil and other super good stuff, because the emu by itself didn’t seem to re-hydrate the skin. I apply that to her skin fairly regularly and that seems to help the skin integrity. We just had her tested for allergies, to see if that might be causing flareups, and nothing showed up….have you ever been tested? I’m contemplating having her tested for “food sensitivities” now, which tests for different antibodies, just to make sure. I’d love to hear how your skin does with the emu! And if you want, I’m selling the cream I made for Sophia, although I only have a few jars left right now. I’m charging $5 per jar, plus shipping I guess. Let me know if you’re interested. 😀

      • Isabel says:

        i had a blood test and it showed up allergies to cat hair and dust mites which i already knew. im thinking i need to go to a food sensitive test because i dont feel either of those are bad enough to contribute to how bad my eczema can be. I have days where it will clear up and others where its insanely itchy. after applying the emu oil yesterday i had a bad night so disappointed about that, i know its a slow working oil if it does work though and will take a few weeks. Its funny because although i have had asthma and eczema hand in hand since i was little the eczema has never been this bad. it wasnt until i was pregnant with my second child (a year and a half ago) that it flared up like this. it must be hormone triggered, I actually HOPE its food related so i can control it!
        those tests are expensive here (i dont know where u are but im in new zealand) thats the only reason i havnt done it yet.

  2. cathy says:


    thanks for sharing yr story. I am the same. i have uded many digfferent cream on my baby face but it does not seem to work so i have tried emu oil just yesterday 3 times and it seem like getting more dry and redness. I am not sure it is emu oil or her skin just react on any new thing putting on her face as she used to be like that when ever im trying to apply new cream on her. but after i read your blog i would give it a few more days to see if it any different. Good luck!

    • nathankathy says:

      Hi Cathy, when we tried it on Sophia we only used it once a day. I don’t know if that’s a factor in your baby’s reaction. Also, I found I got better results when I used the emu oil in a cream along with water-based ingredients (ie aloe) and other oils. Hope that helps, and she gets better sooN!

  3. Anthea says:

    Hi, just wondering if you still make the cream? My arms look the same if not worse as your daughter’s and I’ve tried sooo many things too!! Id love to give your cream a try!!

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