Sewing season

I have discovered the truth of “there is a season for everything” in my own life.  I tend to cycle between creative endeavors (scrapbooking, photography, sewing, etc) and once on a “kick” I do a year’s worth of projects…which is good because it will probably be a year before the urge strikes again!  🙂  Here is the fruit of the past two months’ sewing urges (which all started with just one baby blanket…3 baby blankets, 1 large quilt and 1 skirt-in-the-making will probably finish the urge off til next year!).

First, a little history.  I made my first child, Jonathan, a blue and yellow sun-themed quilt and finished it days before having him.  Back in the good ol’ days, when I could leave sharp pointy things out while in process!  I planned my second baby’s quilt after she was born, from scratch…mistake #1.  Quite a few mistakes later, I was stuck.  Her quilt took me over two years to finish.  Child #3? And #4?  Remained quilt-less, although family and friends amply supplied the lack.  Now, child #1 is old enough to actually want his own quilt that reflected his interests…so with a little family negotiation (Child #3 is now in possession of quilt #1) we began planning a quilt for him.  Bear-themed, using a swatch of camoflauged material as the kernel.  Here is the front:

Bear themed quilt for a boyThe bottom is “water,” the top blue is “sky” and the bear walks in the stars because I found that fabric and just loved it.  You can see the visionary camo around the bear.  I also chose to finish it around the edges with a satin, to make it suitable for an adult if he chose to keep it that long.  A lot of firsts for me in this project, including applique and piping.

back of boys quilt This is the back of the quilt.  I miscalculated my material needs quite badly for the front, so tried to use up the extra creatively on the back.  The yellow was supposed to be a sun for the front but after a 2″ mistake it became an accent.  😛

If you are like me, and reading this has made you feel badly about yourself (ie your four children don’t all have handmade quilts by mom!) then STOP!!  😀  Seriously, to do this much work it has to be something you really enjoy…and forget about it being cheap.  Each handmade quilt costs me well over $100 in materials.  But…the boy likes it.  😀 😀 😀

boy and dog on quilt

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Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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