I have been perplexed since moving back to California.  While I was gone (the last 10 years) there has been a great deal of furor over the initial gay marriage legalization, then repeal, then…what? now.  It seems odd to me that everyone is so wrought up over this one thing.  It’s certainly not Biblical.

Now, before I get hate mail from anybody, let me explain.  I believe the Bible is our authority for what is right and wrong.  And, despite all angry claims to the contrary, homosexual sex is seen as a sin in both the Old and New testaments.  Period.  To me, it’s also just plain common sense.  Homosexual sex (at least the male version) is bad for the body, and can even be deadly.  In fact, homosexual men usually have many more STD’s than even the equivalently active heterosexual (I’m quoting from my memory of my AIDS class).  So this attempt to make what is actually bad, appear as good, just doesn’t make sense.  That doesn’t have anything to do with my point over the marriage debate though.  What I find confusing is that this one “sin” is such a debated topic.  But the Bible is very clear that God also finds lying, cheating (taxes anyone?), envying, coveting, worshipping idols, having sex with anybody who is not your spouse, all EQUALLY HATEABLE in God’s sight.  I think Christians who try to legislate morality are naive; I think we should be engaging our culture on all these topics and teaching that we are ALL sinners, religious and non-religious alike, and it is only through Jesus’ death on the cross that we will ever have peace with God the judge of all.

Back to marriage.  I oppose gay marriage.  Really? After saying all that?  Yes, but not because I want to make everybody live by my beliefs – ha, that would really be naive.  But because the more honest elements of the gay lobby know that gay marriage isn’t the last step, it’s the first, in an attempt to make morality a “my way, your way, no way is bad” lifestyle choice.  I’m sure most people wanting to get married to their lover are not consciously planning the downfall of society as we know it…but I believe that children would be, if not next, then definitely on a list of “it’s ok if I have sex with this ___”.  I believe that it is more important to legally protect children than it is to give two homosexual people the legal “nod” to their monogamous relationship (although I do support a person’s ability to name their closest kin for health and inheritance reasons to be anybody).  Certainly, when children become adults, they may and will choose to commit whatever sin their heart desires…but I don’t think it’s following the Bible’s many injunctions to protect the weak to allow anything that makes an adult molesting a child (even with a child’s “assent” – really…who thinks a child can assent to sex?!??????) legal.  Do you disagree?  Think I’m being unrealistic?  Then why are laws lowering the age of consent being passed all over the nation?  Read anything about NAMBLA (the North American Man Boy Love Association).  Or you can read Bob Hamer‘s book about his real-life experience being an undercover FBI agent infiltrating NAMBLA (I haven’t had the stomach to read it yet but I talked to Bob and got the gist of it).

I don’t think I’m being a doomsayer, and I certainly don’t “hate” homosexuals.  Sin is sin, and I commit sins just as heinous in God’s eyes.  I do think that if marriage is redefined, then a slippery slope has been embarked upon and I don’t like where it goes.


About nathankathy

Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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