Talking to myself

A friend has mentioned that I have been slacking on keeping this blog up to date.  I have been talking to myself, ranting about this or that, but I guess that’s what blogging is anyways – talking to yourself and a (hopeful) invisible audience.  😛

So.  Last week’s rant.  I was thinking about movies and decided I was going to try to avoid ones with: murder, torture, rape, and/or salicious sex scenes.  That should leave me in the PG-13 range, right?  Well, Nathan suggested watching “Salt” after reading the info and telling me it was PG13.  The first scene?  A naked woman being tortured.  Seriously.  AND THIS IS FOR 13 YEAR OLDS??  This isn’t ok for anyone!  The torture scene added nothing to the story, they could have cut the whole 3 minutes and started the movie with her coming out of the prison looking beat-up without visually assaulting the audience.  The rest of the movie was violence, some interesting intrigue, and lots more violence…so most of the people weren’t killed?  It was hard to tell!!  How can this possibly, POSSIBLY, be PG13???????  I know that the CAP analyst makes this point (and that Harvard finally has the research to prove it) but I guess I let my guard down.  Sigh.  So it looks like I’m pretty much stuck with PG13 movies from the 80’s and rated G movies now.  No wonder I have been watching so much “Sherlock Holmes” tv shows, Macgyver and Phineas and Ferb (which I just have to point out, I like despite myself).

On the up side, Nathan is officially done with school for the semester!  YAY!  We went to the San Diego Zoo for the first time as a family yesterday to celebrate.  It was a good visit, minimal whining, lots of interesting animals…but the jaguar looks like he’s clearly checked out of the “sane” side of life.  He kept pacing the same two steps, turning, pacing back, turning, pacing back….even putting his feet into the same worn-down spots.  He did this in front of the glass which made it easy to see, unlike the tiger who did it as far away from the people as he could.  It reminded me of a lion I saw in a _10 foot cage_ in Costa Rica (I wouldn’t give the place the honor of the name “zoo”) who had clearly gone stir-crazy.  I don’t know if I’m the only one who gets creeped out by 200+lb predators who are insane.  The SD Zoo has clearly tried to make a much more interesting and spacious environment for their big cats but I just don’t think large predators are meant to be in captivity.  It always makes me sad to see them.

stir-crazy jaguar

Nathan’s rant of the day also involves the Zoo.  He was particularly irked by the evolutionist propaganda about mammoths…”wiped out by human over-predation.”  Nathan says “How do they explain the mammoth bodies found that were _flash frozen_ with food (flowers?!?) in their stomachs???  And how could these theoretical 10,000 Neanderthals do this?  And how is it that we can find “170 million y.o. animals” that look IDENTICAL to the ones we have today?”  Ya.  That just doesn’t fit the data.  But it said so at the Zoo so it must be true right?

And for your viewing pleasure (?), a real two-headed snake:

two-headed snake

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Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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