I think I made a new discovery today… although perhaps it is already known to rats and horrified mothers.  A sippy cup was unearthed under my girls’ dresser, so I brought it to the kitchen to clean it.  I unscrewed the lid (it’s the kind with a long straw down inside) and stared…in probable equal parts fascination and horror.  SOMEthing had taken over the inside of this cup.  It was like a combination of a spider’s web and a forest of mushrooms.  There were fine strands all over the inside of the cover piece, and inside the cup were single stalks with little purpleish blobs planted at 90 degree angles, all around the circumfence of the cup.  How long did this take?  What would have happened had the new life made its way out of the cup, through the straw, into my girls’ room?  WHERE IS MY NEW SIPPY-STRAW CLEANER WHEN I NEED IT?!??!


I wonder if I should have taken pics before chucking the whole mess into the dishwasher and hitting “sanitize” – has the world of science missed an important discovery?  I guess we’ll never know…and next time I order something as vital as a sippy-straw cleaner, I am paying to EXPEDITE it!!

About nathankathy

Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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One Response to Discovery

  1. nathankathy says:

    So for those of you curious about the eventual end to this story…well, a mix-up during ordering was what delayed my sippy-straw cleaner. It arrived, finally, and did a BEE-YOUTIFUL job of cleaning that straw. Happy days. 🙂

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