Exercise update

Well, in case anybody was interested to see if I’d stick to my new exercise regime I decided to post an update.

The Dress?  Still a bit too tight.  The weight? Maybe a few pounds less, but since I haven’t been exactly dieting and I’ve only been able to make it to the gym once a week most weeks, that’s probably no surprise.  On the other hand, Nathan thinks my back is starting to develop some muscle tone, AND I haven’t pulled it in months!  Which kinda confirms my suspicion that it was poor muscle tone to blame (I almost always pulled it while in bed, just waking up and rolling over….argh).

I was interested to see how just working out in the gym (treadmill, bikes, and a 20 minute machine rotation) all winter would leave me when I decided to take up swimming again, which has always been my favorite method of exercise.  California weather allows for swimming outside in a heated pool all winter but I just couldn’t force myself into the pool, til this week.  That’s right, I took the plunge…and it wasn’t that bad!  I only did a normal warm-up (which for me is about 100 M of all four normal strokes) and a few more laps of the crawl.  Guess what?  My muscles didn’t complain that I was doing anything outrageous, except for my pects (the butterfly was NOT pretty), but….I had almost no stamina.  Which proves for me, at least, that a gym workout even including cardio does not compare to what is required endurance-wise to swim even a few laps.

Since things are warming up I’m thinking I’ll be in the pool as much as possible, because it seems to be a more balanced mode of exercise, and the “therapy pool” (aka huge hottub) is always nice!!

About nathankathy

Nathan and Katherine Born are two Christians trying to serve God as best they can.
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